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May 24, 2017

Today's guest is Bea Arthur. Not only is Bea a successful therapist who overcame the hardships in her life, but she's also a growing entrepreneur with a passion for psychotherapy and others. She is a prominent figure that was named a part of the New Guard for Women in Tech by Mary Claire Magazine and an Entrepreneur to Bet on by Newsweek. Listen in to acquire some of her hard earned knowledge.


Show Highlights:

  • How she got interested in the field of mental health
  • The inspiration to start her first business and the impact of its failure
  • Starting the first online therapy business
  • Making up solutions to situations without a problem
  • Having the perfect timing for starting a business
  • Working with domestic violence
  • Going on shark tank for a start up
  • Female Founders who start companies alone
  • Bouncing Back from plummeting
  • Being accepted into the NYC accelerator program
  • Being brave from ignorance
  • Benefits of participating in business competitions
  • Becoming the founder and executive director of her company
  • Spending money without making money
  • Using downfalls as stepping stones
  • Recommendations for starting a business
  • Getting organic traffic



The Art of the Start

Why Things Catch On

Twitter: Bea Arthur LMHC


May 17, 2017

Have you ever felt a pull in one direction, but feel fear or “logic” pull in the other? Sometimes we just have to sort through our goals and what we want, and sometimes we need a little help. That’s why we have coaches like Terra Winston. Terra has had the privilege to work with some of the biggest global companies and loves to work with individuals as well. Terra is full of experience and has great advice on how to pursue your dreams and successfully complete them. Tune into this episode of Broadcast Podcast, with your host, Jenny Powers, in order to learn how to make the first step.

  • How Terra started her business
  • Deciding what makes you feel fulfilled
  • Making the first step
  • Business plans
  • Finding your own method and making ways for things to work for you
  • Spending time with people you already know and like to bring you business opportunities
  • Being qualified
  • How Terra’s coaching has evolved
  • Steps entrepreneurs should make before quitting their day job
  • Making definite goals
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of your day job that you can use to build your business
  • Remembering the reasons you got into profession
  • Living in your best fulfillment
  • Tools and Hacks


The calm app

Canva App

Designing Your Life

Facebook & Twitter: Terra Winston


May 10, 2017

Have you ever stepped on the scale and been unhappy with the numbers? Despite how badly you want to shed the pounds, you just can’t find the time or motivation to put in the work. Many of us want the results, but don’t want the diet. Nagina Abdullah has a similar experience but found a way to achieve the results without depriving herself of all of the tasty foods she enjoys, by making it a lifestyle, not just an ordinary diet.  Tune into this episode of Broadcast, with your host Jenny Powers, to get some quick tips and tricks on losing weight and gaining the motivation to do it. 

Show Highlights:

  • Inspiration to make a change 
  • Making the first step 
  • Making dieting fun and not feeling deprived 
  • Sharing her findings with others 
  • Giving bite-sized pieces of advice for people to implement 
  • Researching and experimenting with different spices
  • Making fun changes so you don’t get bored 
  • Taking steps to make it a business 
  • Targeting your audience 
  • Using structure to help make it easier for clients 
  • Making it a lifestyle and not a diet 
  • The point where it went from a hobby to full-time job 
  • Picking between careers
  • The importance of having another source of income when transitioning into a new business 
  • Things she wishes she would’ve known before launching her business 
  • Career highlights 
  • Doing research on your audience 
  • Surrounding yourself with people with similar goals 
  • Figuring out what to change with your marketing 
  • Favorite resources and outlets 
  • Goals achieved that show success 


Resources: - Get the FREE Weight Loss Recipe book

“The Big Leap” by Gay Henricks 

May 3, 2017

Would you ever invite guests over for dinner and serve them in the bathroom? You wouldn’t and neither would I. So why is it that we are forced to feed our precious children in an unsanitary bathroom stall? It’s embarrassing and humiliating and Priya Nembhard set out to solve the problem for Mothers!


Priya Nembhard is a serial entrepreneur with a flare for gab and loves talking about topics she’s passionate about. Host of #thePINKLife for the Moms Pump Here Youtube Channel and Mom Tip guru, Priya specializes in Mom Topics, Women in Tech, Humanitarian Issues and Startup Business Advice for Moms.


Priya is the Co-Founder of Moms Pump Here, LLC and Co-creator of the Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App helping moms find places to breastfeed and breast pump around the world. Founder of the Early Development of Global Education Charitable Foundation she has impacted the lives of thousands of children through environmental and humanitarian services. Priya is also co-owner of BlueBox Media, a Global Member and Board Member of FemCity NYC, and an alumna of Syracuse University and New School University.


Show Highlights:


  • How Priya got the inspiration for Moms Pump Here
  • Did she or didn’t she? You know….the business plan question!
  • Priya ended up in business with her husband
  • Learn how they find ideal pumping space, and how they vet their submissions
  • What actually makes a great space for breastfeeding?
  • There’s a big announcement coming for Moms Pump Here on May 1st and it can make the app free again
  • Learn what Priya did before her latest venture
  • Find out the biggest highlight of the Moms Pump Here journey
  • Learn what keeps Priya motivated and on track
  • Women have a hard time saying they are making a lot of money!




Book - Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill


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Apr 19, 2017


We’ve all experienced a break-up or two that left us with a little more than a broken heart. Maybe a pound or two from our break up Netflix binge, a stuffed animal from your first date, or a promise ring that turned out to be nothing but empty promises. If this is all too familiar, you may want to tune into today’s show, with your host, Jenny Powers, while she interviews the founder of “Never Liked it Anyway”, author of “The Men Project”, and the badass of breakups, Annabel Acton. 


Listen in as Annabel and Jenny discuss:


  • How Annabel started “Never liked it Anyway”
  • Creating a positive thing out of something negative 
  • When the business became more serious 
  • Helping people get back to their best selves 
  • First steps she took to start the business 
  • Hardest part of building the business 
  • Building your own website 
  • Launching with a business plan 
  • Eclectic things people sell on Never Liked it Anyway 
  • “Bounce Back” gift for friends going through a breakup 
  • “Bounce Back” stack; An adventure card set to get you back to fabulous
  • Publishing Annabel’s first book 
  • Starting a TV show 
  • Career highlights 
  • Professional mistakes and lessons learned 
  • Knowing your worth and be clear about what you want 
  • What keeps Annabel going 
  • Sources of Inspiration 
  • The “next big thing” coming up in Annabel’s life 
  • Ways to own the “Bounce Back” space with partners 
  • How to sell your jewelry or break up relics you no longer want on “Never Liked it Anyway” 


Connect with Annabel:


Apr 5, 2017

Jean Brownhill founded Sweeten (as in "home, sweet home") in 2011 after a maddening attempt at renovating her own Brooklyn townhouse. Contractors in the network must meet a high standard and are accountable to get the work done right.

Sweeten is a free service that matches homeowners with general contractors. Jean is a trained architect and she’s figured out how to turn her skills into a much-needed service for homeowners.


Listen as Jean and Jenny discuss:


  • How Jean’s own renovation nightmare sparked her idea for a business.
  • Learn how much revenue contractors in the Sweeten network are gaining each month.
  • Why referral based contractors love how Sweeten changes their business in a good way.
  • The empowerment of a rating system for the network.
  • Why Jean decided Sweeten needs to be involved in the project from start to finish.
  • Learn the most valuable mistakes that Jean made in starting the business.
  • The important role that experts play in her business.
  • Some of Jean’s career highlights thus far.
  • Why Jean loves self-development and improving herself.


Jean Recommends:


Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Project Podcast


Positive Intelligence, by Shirzad Chamine


Asana for project management


Connect with Jean and Sweeten -



Feb 22, 2017

Have you every wondered who cleans up after a homicide or suicide? Does the police department take care of that? Who cleans up after a drug bust in a meth lab? Somebody has to do it, right? Truth is, clean up is the responsibility of the property owner. So, where would someone turn to clean up a contaminated mess? There are people specially trained to clean up a scene like this.


Laura Spaulding Koppel is our guest today and she is that specialist! Laura is the Founder of Spaulding Decon. After serving in both the Army and law enforcement, she has cornered the market in a recession proof industry. Laura has seen things we have only seen in movies. In 2005, she opened the first nationally franchised company to offers decontamination services, which includes crime scene, hoarding, and meth lab cleanup throughout the United States. Let's listen and learn how Laura thrives on bringing order to chaos.


What you'll hear in this episode:


  • What inspired Laura to launch this unusual business.
  • Why Laura was forced to get creative about a start-up loan.
  • How did Laura gain the expertise to even start this business?
  • As the only employee for the first year, how did Laura physically manage the tasks involved in this business?
  • By what means did Laura get the word out to potential customers.
  • What is guerrilla marketing?
  • What is it that Laura has in her make-up that made her stick with it.
  • Looking back, what would Laura have done differently in the beginning.
  • When and how Laura decided to franchise.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when franchising.

   * Thoroughly vetting potential franchisees

   * Personal, in-house training

  • How did Laura branch out from crime scene clean-up to hoarding and meth lab clean-up?
  • How to prepare yourself to go into one of these scenes.
  • Do hoarders themselves call and ask for clean-up help?
  • What is Laura's career highlight?
  • What does Laura consider to be her greatest professional mistake?
  • What business goals does Laura have for 2017?
  • What one thing does Laura want to stop doing in her professional life?
  • Laura wants to start writing a book in 2017.
  • Laura plans to continue to find great franchisees this year.
  • What does a great franchisee candidate look like?
  • What is an emerging brand?
  • What is in Laura's favorite hack?



Feb 15, 2017

Having trouble coping with adulthood? Ever wish you could go back and be a kid again? Remember what is was like having a nap time and a snack time? How about being able to dress up and pretend you could be a princess or a cowboy? These might not be as far out of reach as you might think.


Today's guest is the magical Michelle Joni. Michelle is the brain behind Preschool Mastermind, Skipping Club, and much more. I first met Michelle at a dress rehearsal and was instantly captivated as soon as she spoke. She's with us today to help us remember how to go back to the basics and capture our childlike innocence again. 


In this episode you will hear:


  • How adults can go back to preschool
  • Where to channel your inner kid to solve world problem
  • What a power letter is?
  • How to be anything you want to be when you grow up
  • How to create your own skipping club
  • Learn about Michelle's Universe
  • How to mix business and play
  • Motivations to keep going
  • Michelle's sources of inspiration 
  • Learn about the Endless Gifting Economy 




Michelle's Site- 


Beatle fans fest-


Feb 1, 2017

Jenny Powers, Chief Broad and entrepreneur, gets down and dirty with Stacy Tuschl. In this, no holds barred interview, Stacy shares with us her journey to entrepreneurship with a 7 figure income. Stacy started her own business as a teenager, incorporated in her 20’s, and now runs several successful businesses. She is also best-selling author of Is Your Business Worth Saving. So, buckle up and lets get started.


Do you toss and turn at night over an expense or wondering if you’ll ever find the right hire? Do you wonder if your business is even worth saving? Sit down and turn it up as we hear Stacy tell us how she built her business empire.


What you’ll hear in this episode:


  • What was it like to be such young business person?
  • What are the benefits of being a young entrepreneur?
  • Where can young entrepreneurs find help with organization and business planning?
  • The 3 steps to delegation:

      * Have crystal clear expectations

      * Have very clear deadlines

      * Have a system for accountability 

  • What is Stacy’s favorite productivity tool?
  • How does Stacy divide her day?
  • Is it possible to be multi-passionate in business?
  • Ideas for what time of day is best to check your email. This is key in determining who and what controls your day.
  • Communication tool to use with your team other than email.
  • Do your proactive work in the morning and the reactive work in the afternoon.
  • Ways to control self doubt, which can slow or even kill your passion:

      * Read positive books

      * Surround yourself with positive people

      * Listen to podcasts

  • What does Stacy have in her toolbox?
  • Reward yourself along the way and recognize milestones.
  • What is Stacy’s major accomplishment?
  • What is Stacy’s professional mistake and how you can avoid the same mistake.
  • Breaking down your goals for the year into 90 day goals could help you achieve greater success.
  • What is Stacy’s next big thing?
  • What you will gain from attending She’s Building Her Empire-Live.
  • The dates and location of She’s Building Her Empire-Live.
  • Key ways you can build a better network.
  • Valuable networking tools you can find on-line.
  • How to find clients on Facebook.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone is key- Just go do it.




Interested in attending Stacy's live event in April, visit her site now for more details

Is Your Business Worth Saving by Stacy Tuschl


She’s Building Her Empire- Website

She’s Building Her Empire- Podcast

She’s Building Her Empire- Live


Jan 11, 2017

If you ever need the perfect space to get some work done, or to bring a group of people together, or for any reason at all, listen in to today's episode of Broadcast, with guest, Caterina Rizzi, co-founder of Breather,  a network of beautiful, inspiring workspaces, currently available in 10 cities across the USA and Canada and now,  in London too, to make it easier for you!


Twenty years ago, Caterina was working as a salesperson at a department store in Canada. Today, she is the co-founder of Breather, an on-demand professional workspace community.  Breather currently has three hundred and thirteen spaces, available for off sites, team meetings, client meetings, small events or whatever else you may need.


Today, Caterina talks to Jenny about:


  • Where she was twenty years ago, how she met Julian and eventually started Breather.
  • To have a business plan- or not?
  • Breathers'  first year.
  • Creating an experience, not just a space.
  • The gratitude she carries with her every day.
  • The biggest hurdle that she's had to face in her business, so far.
  • What she does when the going gets tough.
  • One of her goals for Breather for 2017.
  • The spirit of benevolence she found with other women in business.
  • What she has in her toolbox that she uses for inspiration.
  • What some people do in the spaces at Breather.
  • What's to look forward to with Breather in 2017.




Caterina's website:


Caterina on Twitter: @breather