BroadCast: Broads Building Businesses is the go-to podcast for and about women entrepreneurs. Join Chief Broad Jenny Powers each week as she interviews today's most successful women business owners. Get entertained, educated and empowered while learning how these women grow their business beyond their wildest dreams . We cover topics that relate to women in business, such as networking, being an entrepreneur, womens business, start ups, and empowerment. Don't miss a single episode.
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May 31, 2017

Today’s guest is a former beauty queen, turned entrepreneur. She didn’t just create a business, she’s creating a movement. Genecia Alluora’s business goal is to help other women achieve their goals, and she accomplishes this through her business called Soul Rich Woman. You’ll be inspired by her story of improbable success and starting from nothing, to build a 7 figure business. She’s had ups and downs and she shares them all with us today!


Show Highlights:


  • The demand her Mom made on her, as a 14-year-old child, that changed her life.
  • How Genecia ended up with a 6 figure debt and how she paid it off.
  • The mentor she found to give her a new perspective on her situation.
  • Lessons learned from a failed partnership.
  • How she got into beauty pageants and became Miss Singapore
  • Success is about the work you do to help others, not all of the rewards you may get in the process.
  • The vision Genecia has for helping other women achieve their goals to reach the next level.
  • How to use live streaming to connect with your community.
  • A favorite resource of Genecia’s that starts in your head!
  • How coaching and mentorship made all the difference in her business.
  • The big goals for her business this year!


Connect with Genecia:

May 24, 2017

Today's guest is Bea Arthur. Not only is Bea a successful therapist who overcame the hardships in her life, but she's also a growing entrepreneur with a passion for psychotherapy and others. She is a prominent figure that was named a part of the New Guard for Women in Tech by Mary Claire Magazine and an Entrepreneur to Bet on by Newsweek. Listen in to acquire some of her hard earned knowledge.


Show Highlights:

  • How she got interested in the field of mental health
  • The inspiration to start her first business and the impact of its failure
  • Starting the first online therapy business
  • Making up solutions to situations without a problem
  • Having the perfect timing for starting a business
  • Working with domestic violence
  • Going on shark tank for a start up
  • Female Founders who start companies alone
  • Bouncing Back from plummeting
  • Being accepted into the NYC accelerator program
  • Being brave from ignorance
  • Benefits of participating in business competitions
  • Becoming the founder and executive director of her company
  • Spending money without making money
  • Using downfalls as stepping stones
  • Recommendations for starting a business
  • Getting organic traffic



The Art of the Start

Why Things Catch On

Twitter: Bea Arthur LMHC


May 17, 2017

Have you ever felt a pull in one direction, but feel fear or “logic” pull in the other? Sometimes we just have to sort through our goals and what we want, and sometimes we need a little help. That’s why we have coaches like Terra Winston. Terra has had the privilege to work with some of the biggest global companies and loves to work with individuals as well. Terra is full of experience and has great advice on how to pursue your dreams and successfully complete them. Tune into this episode of Broadcast Podcast, with your host, Jenny Powers, in order to learn how to make the first step.

  • How Terra started her business
  • Deciding what makes you feel fulfilled
  • Making the first step
  • Business plans
  • Finding your own method and making ways for things to work for you
  • Spending time with people you already know and like to bring you business opportunities
  • Being qualified
  • How Terra’s coaching has evolved
  • Steps entrepreneurs should make before quitting their day job
  • Making definite goals
  • Taking advantage of the benefits of your day job that you can use to build your business
  • Remembering the reasons you got into profession
  • Living in your best fulfillment
  • Tools and Hacks


The calm app

Canva App

Designing Your Life

Facebook & Twitter: Terra Winston


May 10, 2017

Have you ever stepped on the scale and been unhappy with the numbers? Despite how badly you want to shed the pounds, you just can’t find the time or motivation to put in the work. Many of us want the results, but don’t want the diet. Nagina Abdullah has a similar experience but found a way to achieve the results without depriving herself of all of the tasty foods she enjoys, by making it a lifestyle, not just an ordinary diet.  Tune into this episode of Broadcast, with your host Jenny Powers, to get some quick tips and tricks on losing weight and gaining the motivation to do it. 

Show Highlights:

  • Inspiration to make a change 
  • Making the first step 
  • Making dieting fun and not feeling deprived 
  • Sharing her findings with others 
  • Giving bite-sized pieces of advice for people to implement 
  • Researching and experimenting with different spices
  • Making fun changes so you don’t get bored 
  • Taking steps to make it a business 
  • Targeting your audience 
  • Using structure to help make it easier for clients 
  • Making it a lifestyle and not a diet 
  • The point where it went from a hobby to full-time job 
  • Picking between careers
  • The importance of having another source of income when transitioning into a new business 
  • Things she wishes she would’ve known before launching her business 
  • Career highlights 
  • Doing research on your audience 
  • Surrounding yourself with people with similar goals 
  • Figuring out what to change with your marketing 
  • Favorite resources and outlets 
  • Goals achieved that show success 


Resources: - Get the FREE Weight Loss Recipe book

“The Big Leap” by Gay Henricks 

May 3, 2017

Would you ever invite guests over for dinner and serve them in the bathroom? You wouldn’t and neither would I. So why is it that we are forced to feed our precious children in an unsanitary bathroom stall? It’s embarrassing and humiliating and Priya Nembhard set out to solve the problem for Mothers!


Priya Nembhard is a serial entrepreneur with a flare for gab and loves talking about topics she’s passionate about. Host of #thePINKLife for the Moms Pump Here Youtube Channel and Mom Tip guru, Priya specializes in Mom Topics, Women in Tech, Humanitarian Issues and Startup Business Advice for Moms.


Priya is the Co-Founder of Moms Pump Here, LLC and Co-creator of the Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App helping moms find places to breastfeed and breast pump around the world. Founder of the Early Development of Global Education Charitable Foundation she has impacted the lives of thousands of children through environmental and humanitarian services. Priya is also co-owner of BlueBox Media, a Global Member and Board Member of FemCity NYC, and an alumna of Syracuse University and New School University.


Show Highlights:


  • How Priya got the inspiration for Moms Pump Here
  • Did she or didn’t she? You know….the business plan question!
  • Priya ended up in business with her husband
  • Learn how they find ideal pumping space, and how they vet their submissions
  • What actually makes a great space for breastfeeding?
  • There’s a big announcement coming for Moms Pump Here on May 1st and it can make the app free again
  • Learn what Priya did before her latest venture
  • Find out the biggest highlight of the Moms Pump Here journey
  • Learn what keeps Priya motivated and on track
  • Women have a hard time saying they are making a lot of money!




Book - Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill


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