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Mar 16, 2016

Today on the show we have Rebecca Tracey! Before Rebecca started her business “The Uncaged Life” she was going to nutrition school, doing some life coaching and then decided to sell everything she owned to go on a rock climbing trip. She started her business in a van on this trip! She believes that life is supposed to be lived! Her goal is to help everyone see how great it is to have your own business online. 

Rebecca shares with us in this broadcast:

  • The Uncaged Life
  • Steps taken to start her business
  • Freedom of flexibility
  • Rebecca’s goal
  • Her career highlight so far
  • No pants party!
  • Uncage your business
  • Her next big thing!
  • The 2 ugliest words in the world



Rebecca’s Tool Box:




Schedule Once



Links Mentioned: 

Mar 9, 2016

Today on the show we have a money rockstar! Ellen Rogin is a best-selling author of the book “Picture your Prosperities: Smart Money moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality”. She shows people how to be good with money. She is a certified financial planner and is hired by corporations and organizations to show how to make money easy. She really shows how the power of visualization can be really powerful and how to use it in everyday life. 

Ellen shares with us in this broadcast:

  • Steps to starting her businesses
  • Business plan?
  • Power of visualization
  • Prosperity picture
  • Budgets don’t work!
  • Don’t stop the learning
  • What is in Ellen’s toolbox?
  • What’s next?

Links Mentioned:

Mar 2, 2016

Need help planning a bachelorette party? Eliminate the stress and go to JoAnne Barken’s website for bachelorette planning made easy!  Joanne’s website is designed to help plan a classy bachelorette party where the fun doesn’t have to neccesarily  be a night out at a bar. Plan a getaway with the girls, take a dance class or painting class, anything that would be fun to do together. 

JoAnne Barken graduated from Cornell University’s of Hotel Administration with a BA and Brooklyn Law School with a JD. While in law school she attended several weddings and was continually asked for her planning expertise. That’s when she realized she had a passion for the hospitality in the bridal industry.

JoAnne Barken shares with us the following:

  • How her bachelorette parties are different
  • The average cost of a bachelorette party
  • Most popular destinations
  • How her business came about
  • What she would have done differently starting out
  • What she will stop and start doing this year
  • How her website works
  • Her Life hacks to making business easier
  • Her next big thing!


If you want to be featured on her website: #shareyourbach on Instagram



Feb 24, 2016

Dynamic duo Stephanie Abrams Cartin and Courtney Spritzer and their team run a full service social media agency with the focus on social PR and work with clients in developing campaigns to build brand awareness and build online presence.

Stephanie and Courtney went to school for two very different things. Stephanie went to college at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration for hospitality and business management. Courtney went to college at New York University for economics and business. When she and Stephanie met in 2011 they both realized the skill sets each other had and started working on the side with the idea of online presence. They both quit their jobs on the same day and made their business where it is today!

Stephanie and Courtney share the following in this broadcast:

  • Pro and cons of partnerships
  • Should you have a business plan?
  • Where to start to get an online presence
  • About their book “Life, Love, Follow”
  • How they went about writing their book
  • Advice for others when writing a book
  • Where to start online regardless of how old your business is
  • It’s never too late!
  • 2016 bucket list
  • Business hacks



Feb 17, 2016

Welcome Broads! Today’s guest is Danielle Watson! Danielle is a global provocateur, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®. As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, Danielle was faced with either walking away from the field she loved, or rising to the challenge of uniting the seemingly irreconcilable.

In the process, she hatched something irresistible: The Purse Process®.

Danielle’s Purse Process® is a pioneering tool that applies tried and true principles of archeology in a fresh way, placing a decidedly modern and feminine spin on this dusty science. The Purse Process® is part of the unique tool kit Danielle uses as she guides women through restoring their core confidence, mentors them in achieving self-actualization, and teaches them how to turn their personal quirks into high-value professional assets. Danielle’s uncommon mix of enthusiasm, personal strength, femininity, and vulnerability has made this unlikely anthropologist a popular, pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.


Listen to the episode to learn: 


  • How Danielle’s sarcasm created her new business
  • Personality Archetypes from the purse process
  • Meet Debbie Dumpster, Vanishing Veronica, Perfect Priscilla
  • Find out Jenny’s personality too
  • How Danielle connects with others using this tool
  • How you can find your connection tool too
  • What Danielle does besides looking in other women’s purses!
  • Danielle’s life hacks for business women
  • What Danielle has in the works for the coming months



Connect with Danielle: - email

Twitter/purseprocess - website


Feb 3, 2016

Ali Brown, an “accidental entrepreneur”, has made her success in giving advice and tips to women on how to make more money in their businesses. Ali’s aha moment happened when she was working for a small ad company in New York and one day she realized she wanted to work in a place where she could do what she wanted to do when she wanted to. In this broadcast, Ali shares her experiences in the risks she has taken, changes she has made and how to make the work load a little easier on you.

Ali Brown shares the following:

  • Keep it simple! 
  • How to design your work schedule
  • Take risks!
  • How to make the work load easier on you
  • Her upcoming project for2016! 



Jan 13, 2016

I love stomach aches! Said no one ever! Miki Agrawal sure doesn’t. She was tired of stomach aches from eating processed foods and this is what brought to life her restaurant “Wild” that has gluten free and farm to table pizza. Studies show that 66 percent of people are obese or overweight and 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese! Since opening her restaurant Miki has written a book called “Do Cool Sh*t”, started a panty line for periods, started a panty line for bladder leaks and invented an attachment for your toilet to clean your bum better after use. Miki definitely gets sh*t done!

In this broadcast Miki Agrawal shares the following:

  • Her book “Do Cool Sh*t”
  • 5 day business boot camp
  • Her panty lines called “Thinx” and “Iconundies”  and how she became passionate about creating these lines 
  • “Tushy” the attachable bidet for your toilet!
  • The cost/savings benefits to her products
  • The give backs and environmental impact using her products
  • What keeps her going
  • The 3 questions she asks herself when starting a new business
  • Shortcuts and hacks to making business life easier


Dec 30, 2015

Welcome! Today’s featured broad is an expert in modern-day etiquette. She is Myka Meier, the creator of Beaumont Etiquette. A recent study showed that success in the workplace is 85% based on social skills. How you greet and treat other people makes all the difference! Join in to hear more from Myka!

Myka shares the following about her journey:

  • Myka was living in London and working in marketing and communications. She wanted flexibility and happiness, but had no idea what kind of business she could start.
  • Her “Aha moment” came from an idea from a former client who was going to meet the queen and needed etiquette advice. 
  • Myka realized her passion for etiquette was the answer, but thought: “How on earth am I going to start a business out of this?”
  • She did research, found information, identified a target market and niche, and created a strategy and goals.
  • Myka firmly believes there shouldn’t be a “Plan B.” Don’t have a “fallback mentality.”
  • Myka’s advice for someone starting out in a new business is to seek counsel and don’t try to do it alone.
  • Myka’s favorite resource was the NYS Small Business Development Center, which gave free, one-to-one guidance from retired experts in various fields. 
  • Myka  took etiquette classes at the English Manor school in England, and thought, “I could bring this to the US.”
  • One of her unique services is “mock-dating.”
  • The most common social etiquette faux pas? Most involve cell phones out at dinner and not using eye contact and proper body language.
  • “Etiquette is being thoughtful, kind, and respectful to everyone around you and treating everyone the way you want to be treated.”
  • The most popular course is the finishing course called The Duchess Effect.
  • Most of her clients are women of various ages, but she conducts classes for children ages 5 and up.
  • Myka offers corporate and group training classes.
  • Myka shares what she will start, stop, and continue doing in her business. She will stop saying yes to too many opportunities, start beginning her day earlier, and continue holding brainstorming sessions.
  • Myka’s favorite hacks include Evernote and other organizational tools.
  • Myka’s NEXT BIG THING is to finish developing her etiquette app.


Find Myka on Instagram and Twitter @mykameier!

Dec 23, 2015

Welcome! Today’s featured broad came into the entertainment industry as a backup singer, but was burned, and not credited or compensated for her work. Jo-Na’ Williams decided to start a business to ensure that this didn’t happen to others. She began the Artist Empowerment Firm. Listen in to Jo-Na’s story!

She covers the following aspects of her journey:

  • Jo-Na’ was a senior in high school when her work was used illegally. She grew up in the music business and has been performing since age 5.
  • She later went to law school and decided to use her talents to help people understand how to protect their creativity and their rights.
  • She launched her business with a marketing plan, but not with a business plan. She faced a lot of uphill battles in establishing her business.
  • She shares the first three things you should do to protect yourself in starting a business, and they involve protecting your money, your intellectual property, and your ideas.
  • Jo-Na’ advises seeing a lawyer(and an accountant!) for a consultation even BEFORE launching your business; don’t wait until you have a problem!
  • Jo-Na’s inspiration comes from two apps that she CANNOT function without: Evernote for (organization), and Teamwork (for project management software).
  • Most of her clients are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and others in creative and innovative businesses.
  • What will Jo-Na’ stop doing, start doing, and continue doing? She will STOP checking email, and use an assistant and folders to organize. She will CONTINUE actively and consistently marketing. She will START working as an advisor to others launching their businesses.
  • Dance breaks during the day are what keeps Jo-Na’ going! Her favorite quote is from Henry David Thoreau: “Our truest life is when we are living in our dreams awake.”


Find her on Twitter, Facebook and more @jwilliamsesq!

Nov 25, 2015

Welcome! Today’s broad is a serial entrepreneur whose success skyrocketed when she created The Butler Bag, the world’s first compartmentalized handbag. Jen Groover was just getting started and hasn’t stopped since. Success magazine called her “A One-Woman Brand.” Jen’s entrepreneurial journey began in the fitness industry when she taught step aerobics during college and experienced that euphoric feeling of “living in a place of purpose.” Join me for more inspiration from Jen!

Jen shares the following about her story and her success:

  • After getting her degree in education and teaching kindergarten, Jen came to the point where she said, “I’m not happy. I CANNOT do this for the rest of my life.”
  • While in the fitness industry, Jen overtrained and deteriorated her health—a condition now known as “oxidative stress.” She had to ask, “What is my purpose? What ignites me?”
  • What she loved most was inspiring people, so she transitioned to life coaching, and then began helping women start their own businesses.
  • “As an entrepreneur, we probably have no idea what the next step, and that’s ok. If you’re following your passion and living with a sense of integrity, and you stay clearly connected to your purpose, then the next step will appear. Passion fuels the next step.”
  • Success, or lack of success, boils down to what you believe.
  • Jen doesn’t believe in having a “Plan B;” if you do, then you are committed to being uncommitted.
  • Jen’s “Eureka Moment” came while standing in line at a grocery store digging in her purse for her credit card. She thought, “Seriously? As far as innovation has come in our society, and we accept a bucket for a handbag?”
  • Her Mom taught her to be a solution-driven person by not allowing complaints without a solution.
  • The silverware basket in her dishwasher became the inspiration for The Butler Bag.
  • Today, Butler Bag is licensed and sold by Avon.
  • Jen’s jewelry line, Empowered by Jen Groover, features her quotes, known as “Grooverisms.”
  • Leader Girls is Jen’s brand of dolls and accessories to teach empowerment through play in fostering girls’ entrepreneurship.
  • Her Emotional Intelligence curriculum teaches enlightened leadership and has seen a huge growth recently.
  • Jen’s book, What If? And Why Not? addresses the fears that hold us back from being successful.
  • One of Jen’s current obsessions is neuroscience and learning how our brains can help our success. She does brain games multiple times each day via apps.

As you can see, Jen as many irons in the fire. You won’t fall short on inspiration by listening to Jen’s story. Join us!


Find her as JenGroover on social media. for her bags


Nov 18, 2015

Welcome! Today’s Broad is Emma Johnson, who is a single mom who saw the need for herself and others for an inspirational and informational community of professional single moms. In 2012, she launched her blog and website, which is the only one devoted to professional single moms. Women flocked to her site, and she knew she had found a niche. Professional single moms don’t always feel like they fit in, so they can turn to what Emma has created to find support and community.

Emma shares the following about her journey:

  • Emma was raised by a professional single mom, and that experience has impacted who she is.
  • Even before 2012, she felt drawn and connected to professional single moms and their needs.
  • When Emma got divorced, she looked for resources for professional single moms but found nothing that spoke to her. She was inspired to start her blog and website.
  • “If you aren’t bumping into cool women on the playground, at the PTA meetings, or at the office, then it’s very hard to get the support you need, and you end up feeling ostracized.”
  • Emma began the Single Mom Society, which is a directory to connect single professional women who live in the same areas and have similar lifestyle interests.
  • When Emma began her blog, she wrote personal stories about money, dating, relationships, and sex. Her writing became her therapy, art, and business because, “Authenticity resonates with others.”
  • Emma is excited about her new video course that will allow her to better serve her audience.  It’s called How NOT to be a Broke Single Mom and is full of Emma’s inspirational story and practical advice.
  • Her career highlights have been the ability to “pull it all together” to be the primary breadwinner to support her two children and the ability to be personal and vulnerable in her blog.
  • What keeps her going? “Dumber people have been more successful than me!”
  • One of Emma’s favorite hacks is, which is a personal finance app.
  • Emma is launching a podcast called Like a Mother with Emma Johnson. Look for it on iTunes!


Find Emma on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, too!

Nov 11, 2015

Welcome!  Our featured broad for today’s show is Lynn Perkins, an internet startup veteran who is the CEO and co-founder of Urban Sitter. Urban Sitter is a mobile and online service that connects parents and babysitters. In this age of technology, Lynn’s business has met a need and found a niche—and it can be accessed directly from your phone! To date, the service employs 50,000 sitters in 60 cities across the US.

Lynn shares the following about her business journey:

  • The biggest risk, as she sees it, was to market the business via Facebook.
  • The Urban Sitter process is easy, whether you are a sitter looking for work or a parent looking for reliable sitters. Parents enroll and purchase a subscription for a low monthly rate.
  • The success stories are many, but Lynn wishes they could have expanded into additional markets faster than they did.
  • Urban Sitter focuses on connections, affiliations, partnerships, and networking to match up sitters and families when expanding into a new market.
  • Lynn and her co-founders launched with a business plan, which has helped them prioritize.
  • One of her career highlights was reaching her 100,000th booking in the US.
  • The song that keeps her going when the going gets tough? Walking on Sunshine

Lynn talks about what lies ahead for Urban Sitter. She shares her personal goals and goals for the company. She also shares her career highlights, her sources of inspiration, and favorite tools and tips for staying organized. Join us to hear more from an amazing broad!

Links and Resources: (Lynn’s website)

Nov 4, 2015

Welcome!  My guest today is Debra Cohen, who is president of Home Remedies of NY, Inc. and the Homeowner Referral Network.  She prescreens home improvement contractors and has helped over 300 women launch successful homeowner referral networks of their own.  She has been featured in several news and magazine publications.  She is here to tell her story of how a squirrel  led to a $4million business!  Listen in for more!

Debra shares the following about her journey:

  • She started her business with only $5000 after she became frustrated trying to fix up a 75-year old house and not being able to find a reliable home improvement contractor.
  • A contractor found a pesky squirrel in her attic and Debra offered to promote his business in return for a commission.  A partnership was born.
  • Debra took the franchise model and began teaching people in neighboring communities how to run their own businesses.
  • Her franchise is a great opportunity for stay at home moms, dads, and retired contractors.
  • Debra prescreens the professionals in her network by checking for licenses, insurance, references, and a clean business record of 15-20 years or more.
  • One of Debra’s newest ventures includes improvements and modifications for seniors who wish to “age in place.”  They want to stay in their homes but need work done to be able to do that.
  • Debra’s advice is, “Don’t try to do it yourself!  Hire professionals to do things that save you time and money.”
  • Debra discusses her favorite apps and hacks that save her time and money, how she keeps going, and what’s next for her business.

Links and Resources:

The Complete Guide to Owning and Operating a Successful Home Owner Referral Network-12th Edition, by Debra Cohen

Oct 28, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s guest is Marni Battista, who is a master at helping women pinpoint why they are, or are not, dateable.  She figures out the types of messages we unconsciously broadcast to men based on our thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitudes.  She is a professional dating coach and the founder of Dating with Dignity.

Marni shares the following about her business journey:

  • It was the end of a 17-year marriage that prompted Marni to start her business.
  • After experiencing the ups and downs of dating again, Marni thought, “If I don’t fix this, I’m going to be unhappy, alone, and miserable for the rest of my life, and I’m going to teach this and pass it on to my daughters.”
  • Marni wanted to start her business to write a book about her experiences in learning to love herself, dating, and meeting her current husband.
  • After six years of business, Marni’s company helps women figure out why they are still single, fall in love with themselves, create a life they love and find someone amazing to love.
  • Marni’s business became a reality as she got professional advice, identified her target market, and took one step at a time.
  • Marni shares the benefits of her vision board that stays in constant sight at her bathroom sink!
  • Marni is qualified as a dating expert because she has dated successfully and unsuccessfully through several decades!
  • Marni shares The D Factor: Your Date-ability Factor.  Are you dateable to the men you WANT or the men you GET?
  • One of Marni’s career highlights was being asked to be on Dr. Drew’s radio show, Loveline.
  • Marni shares what keeps her going, and what she’ll stop, start, and continue in her business.
  • Her “one big thing” for 2015 is her work on creating a TV show about dating.  
  • She shares tips for those facing dating dilemmas:  “If you don’t like the results you’re getting, then stop playing the blame game and take responsibility.  You have all the power, so date like that!”

Resources:  (Marni’s website and her 60-seconds to Love quiz)  Find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish  (One of Marni’s favorite books)

Oct 21, 2015

Today's featured Broad is Dana Ostomel, and she's here to teach anyone about raising money and crowdfunding through her company, Deposit A Gift.

Dana’s company has been an active internet company for over five years, even though the planning stage began 1-1/2 years earlier.  Her background is in advertising and marketing.  It was when she was laid off in 2007 as a result of the recession that the idea for the company began to grow.  Her husband is her business partner for this family investment project that has become her full-time job.

Dana shares the following about her entrepreneurial experience:

  • Deposit A Gift started as a cash gift registry service for people who wanted a “nice” way to ask for cash gifts for their weddings.
  • Her first customer was acquired through Twitter on New Year’s Eve, 2009!
  • Initially, Dana merged a department store registry and a wedding website so donors could fund hotel, airfare, romantic dinners, massages, and specific home goods.
  • Her company taps into the idea of sharing and telling your story with honesty about what kinds of gifts are most needed.
  • Deposit A Gift has now become the only site that serves both the wedding/baby shower registry market and the fundraising market.
  • Customers create an account, choose their preferred avenue of raising money, then have a small (starting at 5-7%) fee taken out of funds raised. 

Dana also shares her career highlights, some of her favorite fundraising success stories, and what she plans to stop, start, and continue doing.  She has keen insight into how to handle requests for meetings and other obligations, and is working on business expansion partnerships.  Hear how Dana is using her YouTube channel to educate people about fundraising.  Join me for this exciting conversation!

Links and Resources:

Be Quick but Don’t Hurry by Andrew Hill with John Wooden  

Find Dana on social media by searching for depositagift.

Email Dana:

Oct 14, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s broad is Kimra Luna, who is a self-made, self-taught, (almost) millionaire with her online business coaching and strategy.  Believe it or not, Kimra grew up living on government assistance, but she became inspired to do something better with her life.  She started her company in May, 2014, and has already made almost a million dollars in sales.  Her program, “Be True, Brand You” has almost 500 students, and her Facebook group boasts over 13,000 members.  She is also a wife and mother of three young sons.  She lives with her family  in Riverside, CA.  Join me to hear more about Kimra’s exciting story!

Kimra touches on the following aspects of her amazing journey:

  • Kimra’s husband was a FedEx driver and their family was barely making it when she spent their entire tax return on an iMac computer so she could blog.
  • She found work with a network marketing company and found that she loved teaching, training, and coaching people.
  • She started doing webinars and building her Facebook community to gain an audience.
  • She soon asked her husband to leave his job because she had made $10K in only six weeks and needed to devote more time to her business.
  • She literally spent hours each day listening to podcasts and free online content to educate herself about the world of online entrepreneurship.
  • She used Pinterest to drive traffic to her website.
  • Her program is actionable and she teaches people how to launch and maintain their online businesses.
  • Kimra was raised with a “victim mindset” by her family but she decided to be nothing like her family.  She determined to leave the past behind and be confident in who she is.

Kimra also shares her favorite toolbox resources, including Danielle Laporte’s book, The Desire Map.  She tells what she hopes to accomplish before the end of 2015.  You can find Kimra and other resources at or on Facebook at Freedom Hackers Mastermind Group.  You don’t want to miss Kimra’s story, so join us!

Oct 7, 2015

Welcome Broads!  Today we have an old friend of mine, Jennifer Maanavi, with us.  Jennifer is the Physique 57 founder and CEO.  She has businesses in several locations all over the world.  After working on wall street for 11 years, Jennifer found that she had only one hobby.  It was a very specific fitness program (the Lotte Berk Method) and she found that it was the only exercise that worked for her.  


One day she saw a notice on the door that the studio was going out of business.  For 2 days, she thought about the ways she could keep this workout method alive.  The owner didn’t want to sell the business; she just wanted to shut it down.  She ended up taking the #1 instructor and starting something on her own.  They decided to modernize the method and create a program that was completely new.  



You will learn in this episode:


  • What Jennifer learned from her business plan
  • The mistakes she made that she learned from
  • How to properly use your “hunches” in your business
  • When you should quit your job to go with your business plan
  • Ways to get buy in from key employees to get buy in for your business
  • When to say “no” to new opportunities
  • How she diversified her revenue stream
  • The 2 highlights of her business career
  • The role her co-founder makes her business  better
  • How to create value where clients see the value
  • When to stop offering a product or service
  • The most valuable business tool that Jennifer has
  • Her next big thing for her business



Resources to connect with Jennifer: - Jennifer’s website



Sep 23, 2015

Welcome!  Today I’m talking to a “Super Broad” who is a business strategist, super-connector, and publicity coach.  She is Selena Soo, and she helps her clients increase their visibility so they can reach the masses.  Her consulting firm is S2Groupe.  I first met Selena about two years ago after hearing her teach about “Being Your Brand” on the Elevate network.  I contacted her, she immediately responded, and we connected.  Her name comes up everywhere I go because of the connections she has established.  Let’s talk to Selena!

Selena covers the following topics about her business:

  • How Selena, a self-proclaimed introvert, has learned to overcome fear and hesitation to reach out to people, organize events, and connect with those who are worth getting to know
  • How Selena’s previous job at a non-profit in NYC prompted her to expand her possibilities and want to make a bigger difference in people’s lives
  • How Selena’s passion for learning led her to start her business, even hiring a business coach for the first year at a huge financial expense
  • Selena hosts a Mastermind Group of other successful entrepreneurs, experts, and authors
  • How Selena has learned hard lessons in hiring and become more cautious about who she brings on board with her business
  • What Selena hopes to stop doing, start doing, and continue doing for business success

Selena also discusses what she does when things get tough, how she handles stress, and what she hopes to accomplish by the end of the year.  She also gives information on Influence, her online course on networking.  Join us for this exciting information and more!  Don't miss it!

Links and Resources:    (Selena’s website)

Sep 16, 2015

Hello Broads!  I’m excited to introduce Kate Northrup to today’s show.  Kate’s philosophy is that if you can create financial freedom for yourself, then you can be free to be present for your purpose on the planet.  She freely admits to working from home in her jammies most days!


Kate is the author of the book, “Money, a Love Story”, where she shows you how to stop letting money be a source of pain in your life.


In this episode, you will learn:


  • Whether Kate considered following in the footsteps of her Doctor parents.
  • How Kate found it inside her to avoid the “red solo cup”
  • Why she was focused on providing for her family, before she even had one
  • How to sell with integrity and heart, coming from a place of value
  • How as a student, she built a business during the school year breaks
  • Why you should make yourself dispensable to your business
  • What caused Kate to acquire $20,000 in debt in one year
  • The breakthrough she had through journaling
  • Ways that money management becomes self-care
  • How she balances working with her spouse



You can also hear about the Life Hacks that Katie has acquired over the years!  Don’t miss the full episode!


You can find Kate online in the following places:



Sep 9, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Heather Thomson, the founder of Yummie by Heather Thomson, a popular lifestyle brand of women’s wardrobe essentials.  She's also one of the stars of the Bravo show The Real Housewives of NY  and has been for the past three seasons.  Don't miss our exclusive talk with Heather where she dishes biz tips and addresses talk of her future role on the show.

Heather says the following about her entrepreneurial journey:

  • Her company began because she wasn’t happy with the shapewear available to her.  
  • Heather’s AHA moment:  She literally cut up a shapewear garment and a tank top and pieced them together to create the foundational product for Yummie.
  • Yummie by Heather Thomson has expanded into a lifestyle brand offering bras, panties, shapewear, jeans, leggings, and activewear.
  • Before launching her own company, Heather worked in fashion design for celebrities such as Beyonce, JLo, and Sean Combs. It was while working for Beyonce that she came up with the idea for Yummie.
  • Her products project a positive body image for women, with sizes ranging from XS-3X.
  • Shortly after her launch, Maidenform copied her 3-panel tank.  She fought for design integrity and eventually won a $6.75 million settlement against them for patent infringement.
  • Yummie by Heather Thomson products are now available in Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Dillard’s.
  • Heather has several helpful tips for other entrepreneurs.  Join us for details!

Heather shares her favorite time-saving resources, which are apps called Trip It and Fave It.  She shares what motivated her to join the Real Housewives show, along with her favorite part and least favorite part of being part of the show.  Her NEXT BIG THING is Yummie’s loungewear line, launching later this month.  Join us for inspiration from Heather!

Links and Resources:   (website:  Enter the code “tryyummie15” at checkout for 15% off your purchase!)

Find Yummie on Twitter and Instagram:  @yummiebyht

Find Heather on Twitter and Instagram:  @iamheathert


#yummie life

Sep 2, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Maria Seidman, Entrepreneur magazine’s emerging entrepreneur of the year.  She is the CEO and Co-fFunder of Yapp, the app that creates mobile apps!  

Maria’s idea for Yapp grew out of a need to create an app for a women’s group she was a member of.  She shares the following about her journey:

  • She took out a self-proclaimed cheesy classified seeking a business partner 
  • She literally met HUNDREDS of people and drove her friends crazy trying to find a technical engineer to partner with her.
  • Maria didn’t launch with a formal business plan but had a “product spec document.”
  • If she started her company again, she says she would stick with a prototype and a lean canvas model and spend more time with people.
  • Her “lean” methodology comes from Eric Ries’ book, The Lean Startup---and is embodied by  the brillaint "salad bar "analogy she shares.
  • She noticed that her potential investors were only interested in a prototype of the product, NOT a business plan.
  • Yapp lets you create a basic app for free, using a quick tutorial and blank templates.  It’s user-friendly and simple to use!
  • Yapp is ideal for events, groups, retreats, reunions, support groups, companies, retailers, and teams.
  • Maria says the totally free product will probably go away soon as the company narrows its focus but continues to provide great support for users.

Join us for more from Maria!  She shares her favorite sources of inspiration and favorite business hacks.  Visit her website at or email Maria directly at



Aug 26, 2015

Welcome!  Our featured broad today is focused on safety.  She is Violet Alexandre from Fabriq.  She’s here to share the story of her app, RunSafe.  Join us!

Violet’s entrepreneurial story began by accident in the winter of 2014, in Boulder, CO.  She recounts how a slip on black ice and averted disaster for her young son in a jogging stroller prompted her and her husband to develop the RunSafe app.  Violet shares the following:

  • She and her husband designed the app, combining fitness and safety.
  • In a very short time, there were 20,000 users!
  • They applied to Boomtown Accelerator for initial help with scalability and the business plan.
  • They reached out to running specialty stores and partnered with the Independent Running Retail Association for added credibility.
  • There is a free portion of the app that offers certain features, and a premium subscription available for just $4.99/monthly.
  • Violet says they have a new update to the app coming soon with new functionality.
  • The app  could useful for real estate brokers and online daters down the road as they integrate their safety features into existing apps
  • Violet announces their first outside integration partner, Drunk Mode.  RunSafe’s safety features will be integrated into the existing app, used by 750,000 users already!


Violet shares her tips for using time wisely and staying focused on goals and vision.  She also shares her favorite podcast and favorite book!  Don’t miss what this broad has to say!


Aug 19, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s broad is Rha Goddess, who is an entrepreneurial coach, founder, and CEO of Move the Crowd.  Her mission is to revolutionize how we work, play, live, and handle our business.  She is intent on empowering a generation!

Rha Goddess shares the following about her journey and life’s work:

  • She grew up in NY, not able to decide between wanting to be a doctor or a rock star.
  • She graduated from Vassar, and then entered the corporate world for six years, working in the chemical industry.
  • She has a great story to share about how writing a resignation letter eight months early freed and empowered her!
  • She felt called back to her activist roots, and became involved with youth empowerment, conflict resolution, intervention, and development through Resolving Conflicts Creatively.  
  • She moved to NYC and worked in staff development and training in the NYC public schools for seven years.
  • This job turned her in the direction of designing curriculum and coaching work that became Move the Crowd.
  • Her life-changing moment occurred at age 26, when she lost five people close to her in just five short months.
  • She reevaluated life and death, and asked, “What am I really here to do?”
  • She started writing to heal and make sense of the circumstances because she questioned everything.
  • Move the Crowd (begun in 2011) is a venture that draws on every life experience she ever had.  It affects culture, and moves and engages people.

Rha Goddess shares how her income tripled in eight months, and the importance of self-care.  She shares her philosophy of a business plan and what keeps her going when the going gets tough. 

 “I measure my accomplishments in souls, in lives transformed, in visions launched, in people served and touched.”


The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore

The Cultural Creatives by Paul Ray

Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks


Find Rha Goddess on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Aug 12, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s broad is Bernadette Smith, a pioneer in the LGBT community.  She found a niche in the marketplace and created a business that has become the country’s first boutique event firm specializing in legal LGBT weddings.  Her company, 14 Stories, launched in 2004 as same-sex marriage first became legal in MA.  Her Gay Wedding Institute trains other wedding professionals from all over the world.  From her position as America’s #1 Gay Wedding Planner, Bernadette focuses on the advocacy element of her company, providing a great, supportive experience for couples. 

Bernadette shares the following about her company, currently based in Chicago:

  • Prior to 2004, she planned events for nonprofits.  When she first launched 14 Stories, people either thought she was crazy or brilliant.
  • She launched initially without a business plan, but built a website, used Google ad words, and received a ton of media attention.
  • Bernadette has seen a recent surge in training wedding pros since the Supreme Court ruling.  She knows many LGBT weddings are just around the corner!
  • One of the major issues in an LGBT wedding is finding a venue and service providers who are supportive.
  • One aspect of an LGBT wedding is that traditional gender roles and rules don’t apply, giving total freedom for ANY style of a wedding celebration.
  • 14 Stories offers licenses for establishing branch offices in other locations and training licenses for wedding professionals.
  • Bernadette has written books, developed apps and even created her own line of LGBT wedding attire to fill the need for missing elements in this industry.
  • The name, 14 Stories, came from the significance of 14 in US civil rights.

Bernadette also discusses her motivation and inspiration, the greatest being her 4-1/2-year-old son, Patrick.  She also uses a vision board, affirmations, books, and apps to keep her focused and organized for balance in her life.  Listen in as she discusses her vision for the future of 14 Stories!

Links and Resources: 

Aug 5, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Elisabeth Cardiello is a lifelong New Yorker, the child of Italian immigrants, and likely one of the few people to have had a business card since the age of six-years-old!  She has a passion for social innovation and inspiring women, and she puts this passion into practice every day.  Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of Caffe Unimatic, a vintage coffee venture with half-century-old roots in both Brooklyn and Italy.  She is a featured speaker on TEDxFultonStreet, AMEX OPEN Forum, NBC NY Live, The Soho Collective, and Coffee Crazy: The Book tour.  Elisabeth’s story is one of resilience, inspiration, innovation, and pure entrepreneurship.  Besides coffee, she loves outdoor activities, CrossFit, soccer, and all things Italian.

Elisabeth shares the following about her life:

  • Her entrepreneurial spirit was inherited from her father, who created multiple businesses in New York after immigrating from Italy at age 14.
  • Her Caffe Unimatic business is a way to honor and remember his unique “drip-percolator” coffee pot.
  • She literally fell into the coffee business after discovering 5000 warehoused original models of his Unimatic coffee pot after his death a few years ago.
  • She created a line of coffee to go with the unique pot and markets these products through her website.
  • Coffee is only PART of Elisabeth’s story!  She helped create Legacy Out Loud, which is an initiative to engineer girls’ career goals.  Their mantra is “Mission, Mindset, and Mentorship.” Along the same lines, she helped create “Master Your Mission NYC,” which is a curriculum course for game-changing women who want to make a difference in the world.
  • Elisabeth has been given many opportunities to speak publicly about her unusual path in life.  

Elisabeth shares what keeps her going through difficult times, what she plans to stop doing, start doing and continue doing in business this year.  You might be surprised to hear her nightly habit that helps keep her grounded in a busy life.  Listen to hear what she has planned before the end of 2015!


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