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Aug 26, 2015

Welcome!  Our featured broad today is focused on safety.  She is Violet Alexandre from Fabriq.  She’s here to share the story of her app, RunSafe.  Join us!

Violet’s entrepreneurial story began by accident in the winter of 2014, in Boulder, CO.  She recounts how a slip on black ice and averted disaster for her young son in a jogging stroller prompted her and her husband to develop the RunSafe app.  Violet shares the following:

  • She and her husband designed the app, combining fitness and safety.
  • In a very short time, there were 20,000 users!
  • They applied to Boomtown Accelerator for initial help with scalability and the business plan.
  • They reached out to running specialty stores and partnered with the Independent Running Retail Association for added credibility.
  • There is a free portion of the app that offers certain features, and a premium subscription available for just $4.99/monthly.
  • Violet says they have a new update to the app coming soon with new functionality.
  • The app  could useful for real estate brokers and online daters down the road as they integrate their safety features into existing apps
  • Violet announces their first outside integration partner, Drunk Mode.  RunSafe’s safety features will be integrated into the existing app, used by 750,000 users already!


Violet shares her tips for using time wisely and staying focused on goals and vision.  She also shares her favorite podcast and favorite book!  Don’t miss what this broad has to say!


Aug 19, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s broad is Rha Goddess, who is an entrepreneurial coach, founder, and CEO of Move the Crowd.  Her mission is to revolutionize how we work, play, live, and handle our business.  She is intent on empowering a generation!

Rha Goddess shares the following about her journey and life’s work:

  • She grew up in NY, not able to decide between wanting to be a doctor or a rock star.
  • She graduated from Vassar, and then entered the corporate world for six years, working in the chemical industry.
  • She has a great story to share about how writing a resignation letter eight months early freed and empowered her!
  • She felt called back to her activist roots, and became involved with youth empowerment, conflict resolution, intervention, and development through Resolving Conflicts Creatively.  
  • She moved to NYC and worked in staff development and training in the NYC public schools for seven years.
  • This job turned her in the direction of designing curriculum and coaching work that became Move the Crowd.
  • Her life-changing moment occurred at age 26, when she lost five people close to her in just five short months.
  • She reevaluated life and death, and asked, “What am I really here to do?”
  • She started writing to heal and make sense of the circumstances because she questioned everything.
  • Move the Crowd (begun in 2011) is a venture that draws on every life experience she ever had.  It affects culture, and moves and engages people.

Rha Goddess shares how her income tripled in eight months, and the importance of self-care.  She shares her philosophy of a business plan and what keeps her going when the going gets tough. 

 “I measure my accomplishments in souls, in lives transformed, in visions launched, in people served and touched.”


The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore

The Cultural Creatives by Paul Ray

Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks


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Aug 12, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s broad is Bernadette Smith, a pioneer in the LGBT community.  She found a niche in the marketplace and created a business that has become the country’s first boutique event firm specializing in legal LGBT weddings.  Her company, 14 Stories, launched in 2004 as same-sex marriage first became legal in MA.  Her Gay Wedding Institute trains other wedding professionals from all over the world.  From her position as America’s #1 Gay Wedding Planner, Bernadette focuses on the advocacy element of her company, providing a great, supportive experience for couples. 

Bernadette shares the following about her company, currently based in Chicago:

  • Prior to 2004, she planned events for nonprofits.  When she first launched 14 Stories, people either thought she was crazy or brilliant.
  • She launched initially without a business plan, but built a website, used Google ad words, and received a ton of media attention.
  • Bernadette has seen a recent surge in training wedding pros since the Supreme Court ruling.  She knows many LGBT weddings are just around the corner!
  • One of the major issues in an LGBT wedding is finding a venue and service providers who are supportive.
  • One aspect of an LGBT wedding is that traditional gender roles and rules don’t apply, giving total freedom for ANY style of a wedding celebration.
  • 14 Stories offers licenses for establishing branch offices in other locations and training licenses for wedding professionals.
  • Bernadette has written books, developed apps and even created her own line of LGBT wedding attire to fill the need for missing elements in this industry.
  • The name, 14 Stories, came from the significance of 14 in US civil rights.

Bernadette also discusses her motivation and inspiration, the greatest being her 4-1/2-year-old son, Patrick.  She also uses a vision board, affirmations, books, and apps to keep her focused and organized for balance in her life.  Listen in as she discusses her vision for the future of 14 Stories!

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Aug 5, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Elisabeth Cardiello is a lifelong New Yorker, the child of Italian immigrants, and likely one of the few people to have had a business card since the age of six-years-old!  She has a passion for social innovation and inspiring women, and she puts this passion into practice every day.  Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of Caffe Unimatic, a vintage coffee venture with half-century-old roots in both Brooklyn and Italy.  She is a featured speaker on TEDxFultonStreet, AMEX OPEN Forum, NBC NY Live, The Soho Collective, and Coffee Crazy: The Book tour.  Elisabeth’s story is one of resilience, inspiration, innovation, and pure entrepreneurship.  Besides coffee, she loves outdoor activities, CrossFit, soccer, and all things Italian.

Elisabeth shares the following about her life:

  • Her entrepreneurial spirit was inherited from her father, who created multiple businesses in New York after immigrating from Italy at age 14.
  • Her Caffe Unimatic business is a way to honor and remember his unique “drip-percolator” coffee pot.
  • She literally fell into the coffee business after discovering 5000 warehoused original models of his Unimatic coffee pot after his death a few years ago.
  • She created a line of coffee to go with the unique pot and markets these products through her website.
  • Coffee is only PART of Elisabeth’s story!  She helped create Legacy Out Loud, which is an initiative to engineer girls’ career goals.  Their mantra is “Mission, Mindset, and Mentorship.” Along the same lines, she helped create “Master Your Mission NYC,” which is a curriculum course for game-changing women who want to make a difference in the world.
  • Elisabeth has been given many opportunities to speak publicly about her unusual path in life.  

Elisabeth shares what keeps her going through difficult times, what she plans to stop doing, start doing and continue doing in business this year.  You might be surprised to hear her nightly habit that helps keep her grounded in a busy life.  Listen to hear what she has planned before the end of 2015!