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Sep 30, 2015

Welcome!  Today I’m here with a Mother/daughter Broad Duo - Erin and Lyla of Lyla Tov Monsters.  The company started when a 3 year old Lyla wanted to bring her drawing of a monster to life and give to her Father as a present.  Years later, Lyla Tov Monsters help children sleep better at night, and the company just keeps growing.


Erin Black is an Emmy award winning costume designer, so she had the skills to make Lyla’s monster come to life.  They never intended to start a toy company, but once they got addicted to bringing the monsters to life. 


In this episodes you will learn:


  • The humble beginnings of Lyla Tov Monsters
  • What the name Lyla Tov means and where it came from
  • How a classroom project launched their website
  • The tipping point for moving the company from the kitchen table to real production
  • How they ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign
  • Their proof of concept and how that changed their plans
  • How Lyla names the monsters and gets engagement from their customers in the process
  • What keeps Lyla and Erin moving forward in their business
  • How the monsters keep tigers out of the bathroom!
  • What they will continue doing to grow their business



Get in Touch with Lyla Tov:

Sep 23, 2015

Welcome!  Today I’m talking to a “Super Broad” who is a business strategist, super-connector, and publicity coach.  She is Selena Soo, and she helps her clients increase their visibility so they can reach the masses.  Her consulting firm is S2Groupe.  I first met Selena about two years ago after hearing her teach about “Being Your Brand” on the Elevate network.  I contacted her, she immediately responded, and we connected.  Her name comes up everywhere I go because of the connections she has established.  Let’s talk to Selena!

Selena covers the following topics about her business:

  • How Selena, a self-proclaimed introvert, has learned to overcome fear and hesitation to reach out to people, organize events, and connect with those who are worth getting to know
  • How Selena’s previous job at a non-profit in NYC prompted her to expand her possibilities and want to make a bigger difference in people’s lives
  • How Selena’s passion for learning led her to start her business, even hiring a business coach for the first year at a huge financial expense
  • Selena hosts a Mastermind Group of other successful entrepreneurs, experts, and authors
  • How Selena has learned hard lessons in hiring and become more cautious about who she brings on board with her business
  • What Selena hopes to stop doing, start doing, and continue doing for business success

Selena also discusses what she does when things get tough, how she handles stress, and what she hopes to accomplish by the end of the year.  She also gives information on Influence, her online course on networking.  Join us for this exciting information and more!  Don't miss it!

Links and Resources:    (Selena’s website)

Sep 16, 2015

Hello Broads!  I’m excited to introduce Kate Northrup to today’s show.  Kate’s philosophy is that if you can create financial freedom for yourself, then you can be free to be present for your purpose on the planet.  She freely admits to working from home in her jammies most days!


Kate is the author of the book, “Money, a Love Story”, where she shows you how to stop letting money be a source of pain in your life.


In this episode, you will learn:


  • Whether Kate considered following in the footsteps of her Doctor parents.
  • How Kate found it inside her to avoid the “red solo cup”
  • Why she was focused on providing for her family, before she even had one
  • How to sell with integrity and heart, coming from a place of value
  • How as a student, she built a business during the school year breaks
  • Why you should make yourself dispensable to your business
  • What caused Kate to acquire $20,000 in debt in one year
  • The breakthrough she had through journaling
  • Ways that money management becomes self-care
  • How she balances working with her spouse



You can also hear about the Life Hacks that Katie has acquired over the years!  Don’t miss the full episode!


You can find Kate online in the following places:



Sep 9, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Heather Thomson, the founder of Yummie by Heather Thomson, a popular lifestyle brand of women’s wardrobe essentials.  She's also one of the stars of the Bravo show The Real Housewives of NY  and has been for the past three seasons.  Don't miss our exclusive talk with Heather where she dishes biz tips and addresses talk of her future role on the show.

Heather says the following about her entrepreneurial journey:

  • Her company began because she wasn’t happy with the shapewear available to her.  
  • Heather’s AHA moment:  She literally cut up a shapewear garment and a tank top and pieced them together to create the foundational product for Yummie.
  • Yummie by Heather Thomson has expanded into a lifestyle brand offering bras, panties, shapewear, jeans, leggings, and activewear.
  • Before launching her own company, Heather worked in fashion design for celebrities such as Beyonce, JLo, and Sean Combs. It was while working for Beyonce that she came up with the idea for Yummie.
  • Her products project a positive body image for women, with sizes ranging from XS-3X.
  • Shortly after her launch, Maidenform copied her 3-panel tank.  She fought for design integrity and eventually won a $6.75 million settlement against them for patent infringement.
  • Yummie by Heather Thomson products are now available in Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Dillard’s.
  • Heather has several helpful tips for other entrepreneurs.  Join us for details!

Heather shares her favorite time-saving resources, which are apps called Trip It and Fave It.  She shares what motivated her to join the Real Housewives show, along with her favorite part and least favorite part of being part of the show.  Her NEXT BIG THING is Yummie’s loungewear line, launching later this month.  Join us for inspiration from Heather!

Links and Resources:   (website:  Enter the code “tryyummie15” at checkout for 15% off your purchase!)

Find Yummie on Twitter and Instagram:  @yummiebyht

Find Heather on Twitter and Instagram:  @iamheathert


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Sep 2, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Maria Seidman, Entrepreneur magazine’s emerging entrepreneur of the year.  She is the CEO and Co-fFunder of Yapp, the app that creates mobile apps!  

Maria’s idea for Yapp grew out of a need to create an app for a women’s group she was a member of.  She shares the following about her journey:

  • She took out a self-proclaimed cheesy classified seeking a business partner 
  • She literally met HUNDREDS of people and drove her friends crazy trying to find a technical engineer to partner with her.
  • Maria didn’t launch with a formal business plan but had a “product spec document.”
  • If she started her company again, she says she would stick with a prototype and a lean canvas model and spend more time with people.
  • Her “lean” methodology comes from Eric Ries’ book, The Lean Startup---and is embodied by  the brillaint "salad bar "analogy she shares.
  • She noticed that her potential investors were only interested in a prototype of the product, NOT a business plan.
  • Yapp lets you create a basic app for free, using a quick tutorial and blank templates.  It’s user-friendly and simple to use!
  • Yapp is ideal for events, groups, retreats, reunions, support groups, companies, retailers, and teams.
  • Maria says the totally free product will probably go away soon as the company narrows its focus but continues to provide great support for users.

Join us for more from Maria!  She shares her favorite sources of inspiration and favorite business hacks.  Visit her website at or email Maria directly at