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Oct 28, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s guest is Marni Battista, who is a master at helping women pinpoint why they are, or are not, dateable.  She figures out the types of messages we unconsciously broadcast to men based on our thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitudes.  She is a professional dating coach and the founder of Dating with Dignity.

Marni shares the following about her business journey:

  • It was the end of a 17-year marriage that prompted Marni to start her business.
  • After experiencing the ups and downs of dating again, Marni thought, “If I don’t fix this, I’m going to be unhappy, alone, and miserable for the rest of my life, and I’m going to teach this and pass it on to my daughters.”
  • Marni wanted to start her business to write a book about her experiences in learning to love herself, dating, and meeting her current husband.
  • After six years of business, Marni’s company helps women figure out why they are still single, fall in love with themselves, create a life they love and find someone amazing to love.
  • Marni’s business became a reality as she got professional advice, identified her target market, and took one step at a time.
  • Marni shares the benefits of her vision board that stays in constant sight at her bathroom sink!
  • Marni is qualified as a dating expert because she has dated successfully and unsuccessfully through several decades!
  • Marni shares The D Factor: Your Date-ability Factor.  Are you dateable to the men you WANT or the men you GET?
  • One of Marni’s career highlights was being asked to be on Dr. Drew’s radio show, Loveline.
  • Marni shares what keeps her going, and what she’ll stop, start, and continue in her business.
  • Her “one big thing” for 2015 is her work on creating a TV show about dating.  
  • She shares tips for those facing dating dilemmas:  “If you don’t like the results you’re getting, then stop playing the blame game and take responsibility.  You have all the power, so date like that!”

Resources:  (Marni’s website and her 60-seconds to Love quiz)  Find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish  (One of Marni’s favorite books)

Oct 21, 2015

Today's featured Broad is Dana Ostomel, and she's here to teach anyone about raising money and crowdfunding through her company, Deposit A Gift.

Dana’s company has been an active internet company for over five years, even though the planning stage began 1-1/2 years earlier.  Her background is in advertising and marketing.  It was when she was laid off in 2007 as a result of the recession that the idea for the company began to grow.  Her husband is her business partner for this family investment project that has become her full-time job.

Dana shares the following about her entrepreneurial experience:

  • Deposit A Gift started as a cash gift registry service for people who wanted a “nice” way to ask for cash gifts for their weddings.
  • Her first customer was acquired through Twitter on New Year’s Eve, 2009!
  • Initially, Dana merged a department store registry and a wedding website so donors could fund hotel, airfare, romantic dinners, massages, and specific home goods.
  • Her company taps into the idea of sharing and telling your story with honesty about what kinds of gifts are most needed.
  • Deposit A Gift has now become the only site that serves both the wedding/baby shower registry market and the fundraising market.
  • Customers create an account, choose their preferred avenue of raising money, then have a small (starting at 5-7%) fee taken out of funds raised. 

Dana also shares her career highlights, some of her favorite fundraising success stories, and what she plans to stop, start, and continue doing.  She has keen insight into how to handle requests for meetings and other obligations, and is working on business expansion partnerships.  Hear how Dana is using her YouTube channel to educate people about fundraising.  Join me for this exciting conversation!

Links and Resources:

Be Quick but Don’t Hurry by Andrew Hill with John Wooden  

Find Dana on social media by searching for depositagift.

Email Dana:

Oct 14, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s broad is Kimra Luna, who is a self-made, self-taught, (almost) millionaire with her online business coaching and strategy.  Believe it or not, Kimra grew up living on government assistance, but she became inspired to do something better with her life.  She started her company in May, 2014, and has already made almost a million dollars in sales.  Her program, “Be True, Brand You” has almost 500 students, and her Facebook group boasts over 13,000 members.  She is also a wife and mother of three young sons.  She lives with her family  in Riverside, CA.  Join me to hear more about Kimra’s exciting story!

Kimra touches on the following aspects of her amazing journey:

  • Kimra’s husband was a FedEx driver and their family was barely making it when she spent their entire tax return on an iMac computer so she could blog.
  • She found work with a network marketing company and found that she loved teaching, training, and coaching people.
  • She started doing webinars and building her Facebook community to gain an audience.
  • She soon asked her husband to leave his job because she had made $10K in only six weeks and needed to devote more time to her business.
  • She literally spent hours each day listening to podcasts and free online content to educate herself about the world of online entrepreneurship.
  • She used Pinterest to drive traffic to her website.
  • Her program is actionable and she teaches people how to launch and maintain their online businesses.
  • Kimra was raised with a “victim mindset” by her family but she decided to be nothing like her family.  She determined to leave the past behind and be confident in who she is.

Kimra also shares her favorite toolbox resources, including Danielle Laporte’s book, The Desire Map.  She tells what she hopes to accomplish before the end of 2015.  You can find Kimra and other resources at or on Facebook at Freedom Hackers Mastermind Group.  You don’t want to miss Kimra’s story, so join us!

Oct 7, 2015

Welcome Broads!  Today we have an old friend of mine, Jennifer Maanavi, with us.  Jennifer is the Physique 57 founder and CEO.  She has businesses in several locations all over the world.  After working on wall street for 11 years, Jennifer found that she had only one hobby.  It was a very specific fitness program (the Lotte Berk Method) and she found that it was the only exercise that worked for her.  


One day she saw a notice on the door that the studio was going out of business.  For 2 days, she thought about the ways she could keep this workout method alive.  The owner didn’t want to sell the business; she just wanted to shut it down.  She ended up taking the #1 instructor and starting something on her own.  They decided to modernize the method and create a program that was completely new.  



You will learn in this episode:


  • What Jennifer learned from her business plan
  • The mistakes she made that she learned from
  • How to properly use your “hunches” in your business
  • When you should quit your job to go with your business plan
  • Ways to get buy in from key employees to get buy in for your business
  • When to say “no” to new opportunities
  • How she diversified her revenue stream
  • The 2 highlights of her business career
  • The role her co-founder makes her business  better
  • How to create value where clients see the value
  • When to stop offering a product or service
  • The most valuable business tool that Jennifer has
  • Her next big thing for her business



Resources to connect with Jennifer: - Jennifer’s website