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Nov 25, 2015

Welcome! Today’s broad is a serial entrepreneur whose success skyrocketed when she created The Butler Bag, the world’s first compartmentalized handbag. Jen Groover was just getting started and hasn’t stopped since. Success magazine called her “A One-Woman Brand.” Jen’s entrepreneurial journey began in the fitness industry when she taught step aerobics during college and experienced that euphoric feeling of “living in a place of purpose.” Join me for more inspiration from Jen!

Jen shares the following about her story and her success:

  • After getting her degree in education and teaching kindergarten, Jen came to the point where she said, “I’m not happy. I CANNOT do this for the rest of my life.”
  • While in the fitness industry, Jen overtrained and deteriorated her health—a condition now known as “oxidative stress.” She had to ask, “What is my purpose? What ignites me?”
  • What she loved most was inspiring people, so she transitioned to life coaching, and then began helping women start their own businesses.
  • “As an entrepreneur, we probably have no idea what the next step, and that’s ok. If you’re following your passion and living with a sense of integrity, and you stay clearly connected to your purpose, then the next step will appear. Passion fuels the next step.”
  • Success, or lack of success, boils down to what you believe.
  • Jen doesn’t believe in having a “Plan B;” if you do, then you are committed to being uncommitted.
  • Jen’s “Eureka Moment” came while standing in line at a grocery store digging in her purse for her credit card. She thought, “Seriously? As far as innovation has come in our society, and we accept a bucket for a handbag?”
  • Her Mom taught her to be a solution-driven person by not allowing complaints without a solution.
  • The silverware basket in her dishwasher became the inspiration for The Butler Bag.
  • Today, Butler Bag is licensed and sold by Avon.
  • Jen’s jewelry line, Empowered by Jen Groover, features her quotes, known as “Grooverisms.”
  • Leader Girls is Jen’s brand of dolls and accessories to teach empowerment through play in fostering girls’ entrepreneurship.
  • Her Emotional Intelligence curriculum teaches enlightened leadership and has seen a huge growth recently.
  • Jen’s book, What If? And Why Not? addresses the fears that hold us back from being successful.
  • One of Jen’s current obsessions is neuroscience and learning how our brains can help our success. She does brain games multiple times each day via apps.

As you can see, Jen as many irons in the fire. You won’t fall short on inspiration by listening to Jen’s story. Join us!


Find her as JenGroover on social media. for her bags


Nov 18, 2015

Welcome! Today’s Broad is Emma Johnson, who is a single mom who saw the need for herself and others for an inspirational and informational community of professional single moms. In 2012, she launched her blog and website, which is the only one devoted to professional single moms. Women flocked to her site, and she knew she had found a niche. Professional single moms don’t always feel like they fit in, so they can turn to what Emma has created to find support and community.

Emma shares the following about her journey:

  • Emma was raised by a professional single mom, and that experience has impacted who she is.
  • Even before 2012, she felt drawn and connected to professional single moms and their needs.
  • When Emma got divorced, she looked for resources for professional single moms but found nothing that spoke to her. She was inspired to start her blog and website.
  • “If you aren’t bumping into cool women on the playground, at the PTA meetings, or at the office, then it’s very hard to get the support you need, and you end up feeling ostracized.”
  • Emma began the Single Mom Society, which is a directory to connect single professional women who live in the same areas and have similar lifestyle interests.
  • When Emma began her blog, she wrote personal stories about money, dating, relationships, and sex. Her writing became her therapy, art, and business because, “Authenticity resonates with others.”
  • Emma is excited about her new video course that will allow her to better serve her audience.  It’s called How NOT to be a Broke Single Mom and is full of Emma’s inspirational story and practical advice.
  • Her career highlights have been the ability to “pull it all together” to be the primary breadwinner to support her two children and the ability to be personal and vulnerable in her blog.
  • What keeps her going? “Dumber people have been more successful than me!”
  • One of Emma’s favorite hacks is, which is a personal finance app.
  • Emma is launching a podcast called Like a Mother with Emma Johnson. Look for it on iTunes!


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Nov 11, 2015

Welcome!  Our featured broad for today’s show is Lynn Perkins, an internet startup veteran who is the CEO and co-founder of Urban Sitter. Urban Sitter is a mobile and online service that connects parents and babysitters. In this age of technology, Lynn’s business has met a need and found a niche—and it can be accessed directly from your phone! To date, the service employs 50,000 sitters in 60 cities across the US.

Lynn shares the following about her business journey:

  • The biggest risk, as she sees it, was to market the business via Facebook.
  • The Urban Sitter process is easy, whether you are a sitter looking for work or a parent looking for reliable sitters. Parents enroll and purchase a subscription for a low monthly rate.
  • The success stories are many, but Lynn wishes they could have expanded into additional markets faster than they did.
  • Urban Sitter focuses on connections, affiliations, partnerships, and networking to match up sitters and families when expanding into a new market.
  • Lynn and her co-founders launched with a business plan, which has helped them prioritize.
  • One of her career highlights was reaching her 100,000th booking in the US.
  • The song that keeps her going when the going gets tough? Walking on Sunshine

Lynn talks about what lies ahead for Urban Sitter. She shares her personal goals and goals for the company. She also shares her career highlights, her sources of inspiration, and favorite tools and tips for staying organized. Join us to hear more from an amazing broad!

Links and Resources: (Lynn’s website)

Nov 4, 2015

Welcome!  My guest today is Debra Cohen, who is president of Home Remedies of NY, Inc. and the Homeowner Referral Network.  She prescreens home improvement contractors and has helped over 300 women launch successful homeowner referral networks of their own.  She has been featured in several news and magazine publications.  She is here to tell her story of how a squirrel  led to a $4million business!  Listen in for more!

Debra shares the following about her journey:

  • She started her business with only $5000 after she became frustrated trying to fix up a 75-year old house and not being able to find a reliable home improvement contractor.
  • A contractor found a pesky squirrel in her attic and Debra offered to promote his business in return for a commission.  A partnership was born.
  • Debra took the franchise model and began teaching people in neighboring communities how to run their own businesses.
  • Her franchise is a great opportunity for stay at home moms, dads, and retired contractors.
  • Debra prescreens the professionals in her network by checking for licenses, insurance, references, and a clean business record of 15-20 years or more.
  • One of Debra’s newest ventures includes improvements and modifications for seniors who wish to “age in place.”  They want to stay in their homes but need work done to be able to do that.
  • Debra’s advice is, “Don’t try to do it yourself!  Hire professionals to do things that save you time and money.”
  • Debra discusses her favorite apps and hacks that save her time and money, how she keeps going, and what’s next for her business.

Links and Resources:

The Complete Guide to Owning and Operating a Successful Home Owner Referral Network-12th Edition, by Debra Cohen