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Dec 30, 2015

Welcome! Today’s featured broad is an expert in modern-day etiquette. She is Myka Meier, the creator of Beaumont Etiquette. A recent study showed that success in the workplace is 85% based on social skills. How you greet and treat other people makes all the difference! Join in to hear more from Myka!

Myka shares the following about her journey:

  • Myka was living in London and working in marketing and communications. She wanted flexibility and happiness, but had no idea what kind of business she could start.
  • Her “Aha moment” came from an idea from a former client who was going to meet the queen and needed etiquette advice. 
  • Myka realized her passion for etiquette was the answer, but thought: “How on earth am I going to start a business out of this?”
  • She did research, found information, identified a target market and niche, and created a strategy and goals.
  • Myka firmly believes there shouldn’t be a “Plan B.” Don’t have a “fallback mentality.”
  • Myka’s advice for someone starting out in a new business is to seek counsel and don’t try to do it alone.
  • Myka’s favorite resource was the NYS Small Business Development Center, which gave free, one-to-one guidance from retired experts in various fields. 
  • Myka  took etiquette classes at the English Manor school in England, and thought, “I could bring this to the US.”
  • One of her unique services is “mock-dating.”
  • The most common social etiquette faux pas? Most involve cell phones out at dinner and not using eye contact and proper body language.
  • “Etiquette is being thoughtful, kind, and respectful to everyone around you and treating everyone the way you want to be treated.”
  • The most popular course is the finishing course called The Duchess Effect.
  • Most of her clients are women of various ages, but she conducts classes for children ages 5 and up.
  • Myka offers corporate and group training classes.
  • Myka shares what she will start, stop, and continue doing in her business. She will stop saying yes to too many opportunities, start beginning her day earlier, and continue holding brainstorming sessions.
  • Myka’s favorite hacks include Evernote and other organizational tools.
  • Myka’s NEXT BIG THING is to finish developing her etiquette app.


Find Myka on Instagram and Twitter @mykameier!

Dec 23, 2015

Welcome! Today’s featured broad came into the entertainment industry as a backup singer, but was burned, and not credited or compensated for her work. Jo-Na’ Williams decided to start a business to ensure that this didn’t happen to others. She began the Artist Empowerment Firm. Listen in to Jo-Na’s story!

She covers the following aspects of her journey:

  • Jo-Na’ was a senior in high school when her work was used illegally. She grew up in the music business and has been performing since age 5.
  • She later went to law school and decided to use her talents to help people understand how to protect their creativity and their rights.
  • She launched her business with a marketing plan, but not with a business plan. She faced a lot of uphill battles in establishing her business.
  • She shares the first three things you should do to protect yourself in starting a business, and they involve protecting your money, your intellectual property, and your ideas.
  • Jo-Na’ advises seeing a lawyer(and an accountant!) for a consultation even BEFORE launching your business; don’t wait until you have a problem!
  • Jo-Na’s inspiration comes from two apps that she CANNOT function without: Evernote for (organization), and Teamwork (for project management software).
  • Most of her clients are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and others in creative and innovative businesses.
  • What will Jo-Na’ stop doing, start doing, and continue doing? She will STOP checking email, and use an assistant and folders to organize. She will CONTINUE actively and consistently marketing. She will START working as an advisor to others launching their businesses.
  • Dance breaks during the day are what keeps Jo-Na’ going! Her favorite quote is from Henry David Thoreau: “Our truest life is when we are living in our dreams awake.”


Find her on Twitter, Facebook and more @jwilliamsesq!

Dec 16, 2015

Welcome! Today’s broad is Rachel Hofstetter, who is a food editor at O magazine, a writer, and an entrepreneur. Her favorite part of being a food editor was talking to up-and-coming food entrepreneurs, which led her to write a bestselling book about the world of food startups. She co-founded Guesterly, which is a software platform that allows anyone to create a custom directory for events and groups. She also helped develop PR School. Her life revolves around food, events, and PR. Join us for more from this exciting broad!

Rachel shares the following about her journey:

  • Her inspiration came three years ago when her chosen word for the year was “open.” It reminded her to be open to all that was “out there.”
  • One Lesson Learned: If someone wants to buy something that you do for fun, then you should probably pay attention!
  • She and her husband made a guest booklet at their wedding, and people started asking for them. “Guesterly” was born!
  • Guesterly started as a custom design firm and grew into a software company. It focuses on pre-event planning and is basically a cheat sheet for events. It helps accelerate and enhance real relationships.
  • Rachel became good at PR on an almost zero budget, so she began helping people learn to do it themselves.
  • Rachel’s word for 2015 is HUSTLE, and it embodies her entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Rachel discusses her favorite parts of being a food editor, and how interviewing guests for O magazine led to her writing her book, Cooking Up A Business.
  • Rachel explains the concept of “chiseling,” where you start with one thing and chisel down to another.
  • Her rules for eating as a food editor? “Try anything, but if it’s not great, then don’t keep eating it.  Eat only the best, the really amazing food.”
  • Her PR School teaches the “Give, Give, Get” mindset. Give good story, give like it’s a friend, and get coverage. Listen in to hear Rachel explain.
  • Rachel shares what she will stop, start, and continue doing, and what she’s most proud of accomplishing in 2015.
  • Her favorite items in her “toolbox” for productivity?  Daily Action Planner, Inbox Zero, and HIT exercise. 


Cooking Up A Business by Rachel Hofstetter


Dec 9, 2015

Welcome! Today I’m talking to a cuddly broad from Portland, Oregon, who is the owner of Cuddle Up To Me, a professional cuddling service. She is Samantha Hess and has become an expert on the subject of cuddling. In the past two years, Samantha has done over 300 interviews, written a book, opened a 3500 sq. ft. retail space, and hired her first three employees. She recently designed and ran the world’s first cuddling convention and directs the only hands-on certification program to standardize and legitimize the profession. Let’s cuddle up to Samantha and learn more about her interesting profession!

Here’s what Samantha has to say about her journey as a professional cuddler:

  • She married her high school sweetheart and then became single again at age 28. “I would pay someone for a good hug,” she thought.
  • Her first steps to making her dream a reality were to purchase a web domain and create a website. She hired a lawyer and then passed out business cards and flyers. Within one month, she was featured in a magazine article.
  • Samantha views her business as a therapy and not something sexual or romantic. “We all go through moments in life when we feel unloved, unappreciated, and invisible; we have to have somewhere to go.”
  • There is sneakiness between the very few competitors in the snuggling business! Samantha explains!
  • Samantha says if she had to do something differently, she would have gone more with her gut instinct and intuition rather than listen to business experts.
  • Samantha shares her personal story of growing up in an abusive household with a drug and alcohol-addicted parent. She freely gave affection but then married someone who felt the opposite. Listen to her story!
  • In addition to Samantha’s family issues, she went through a time of obesity, then lost significant weight, obtained her degree in fitness, and then became a personal trainer.
  • She has also been in eight car accidents and suffers from chronic back pain.
  • When she posted job openings for employees for her new retail location, she received over 6000 applications! She narrowed the list to 30 people whom she interviewed. It was a tedious process to make sure she hired the right people.
  • Her certification program costs less than $1000 and reveals her secrets and techniques. It teaches anyone how they can open and operate their own cuddling business.
  • Samantha’s career highlight is her work with a special ALS-diagnosed client who has become a regular. She knows she makes a positive difference in Adam’s life.
  • Samantha also shares what keeps her going each day, her favorite business hack, and what she has on her professional bucket list before 2016 rolls around.
  • Samantha says, “I’m not in this to make a billion dollars. I don’t care about the money. I care about changing peoples’ lives and making a difference for someone.”


Dec 2, 2015

Welcome!Today’s featured broad is Shiva Kashalkar, who took the monthly subscription model (like Netflix) and launched a service that rents educational and safe children’s toys. She is the founder and CEO of Green Pinata Toy Share. Listen in for more of Shiva’s story!  

Shiva shares the following about her journey:

  • Shiva was inspired to launch her company after noticing how bored her 8-month old daughter became with new toys after a short time. She thought, “There HAS to be a better way!”
  • Last March, the idea of a toy subscription service consumed her, and she launched the very next month! She didn’t use a business plan but had lots of experience in the business world.
  • She tried to understand her target market and be “out there” talking with potential customers. She started small, with the realization that success would be an ongoing process.
  • Green Pinata’s most popular plan is $24.99/monthly, and toys are exchanged every six weeks. Every box has 4-5 toys valued at around $100. The toys are high-quality, engaging and educational toys. 
  • Shiva’s company takes the guesswork out of finding appropriate toys and makes a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, etc.
  • Shiva is concerned about the harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of many toys. She tells you why you should throw out those rubber ducks in the bathtub!
  • Green Pinata Toys maintains strict guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing toys between uses.
  • Shiva realizes that she spent marketing dollars in the wrong places in the beginning, and has learned lessons the hard way!
  • When the going gets tough for Shiva, she remembers why she started her business in the first place, and talks to her mom for extra support and encouragement.
  • Shiva isn’t looking for “the next big thing,” but is focusing on the small things that contribute to her success.


The discount coupon code for $10 OFF of first month is GP89928, and this is the registration link The coupon code expires January 31, 2016.

Find Green Pinata Toys on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too!

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