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Jan 27, 2016

Who says you have to have your life figured out right out of high school? Not this “tough cookie.” In this broadcast Dr. O’Malley takes us through her incredible life journey to success and how you can do it too. She went from college dropout, secretary, getting rejected by every medical school in the country, single mother, to starting her own business at 50--Sonas Medical Spa in Madison, Connecticut. This broad really shows that you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you keep looking forward.

In this episode, Dr. Susan O’Malley shares the following:

  • You’re never too old!
  • Don’t look down, look forward
  • How to turn “ M’s to W’s”
  • The turning point when she decided to start her own business at 50
  • What is a medical spa?
  • The key to a successful business
  • Tools for your “toolbox” on
  • Her next big project (s) coming soon


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Jan 20, 2016

Welcome! Today’s broad is on a mission to inspire radical self-love. Nitika Chopra had to go through an immense amount of physical and emotional pain for this level of self-love to come forth. Today she is a certified life coach, a wellness entrepreneur, a beauty and lifestyle expert, and a go-to resource for young women around the globe. Let’s jump right in with Nitika!

Nitika covers the following in our conversation:

  • Nitika was diagnosed at age 10 with head-to-toe psoriasis and endured thick, white, itchy, scaly skin for 16 years!
  • Her condition worsened to psoriatic arthritis with severe pain, and a divorce soon followed.
  • Nitika thought, “Why do I look so different from everyone else?”
  • “I’ve always been more committed to my happiness more than to my suffering.”
  • Nitika started Bella Life magazine in 2010 as the best platform to share with the world the things she is passionate about.
  • Bella Life led her to having a talk show for awhile, and then transition to her website.
  • Nitika shares an inspiring story of how she first became a spokesperson on QVC for luxury skin care products.
  • Vision boards have played a huge role in Nikita’s life; she finds creating them to be a powerful practice that brings clarity to her life.
  • Several things from her vision board have come true, like having a talk show, having conversations with various magazines, and abundance in general in her life.
  • As a certified life coach, Nitika focuses more on coaching through blogs and Instagram posts instead of one-on-one coaching.
  • Nitika plans to start focusing more on effective email lists in her business.
  • She plans to continue to share from the most vulnerable, authentic place that she can.
  • When the going gets tough, Nitika focuses on her “Love Entourage,” which is the community of people that she can call on and always rely on.
  • “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Nitika lives by this mantra each day.
  • Nitika shares the items in her “Self-Love Toolkit.”
  • Nitika advises having a consistent, daily routine that makes you feel connected.
  • Nitika’s “Next Big Thing” is The Self-Love Celebration in NYC on Feb. 9. It’s a big event showcasing people and their brands. Visit her website for more info!


Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @nitikachopra.

Jan 13, 2016

I love stomach aches! Said no one ever! Miki Agrawal sure doesn’t. She was tired of stomach aches from eating processed foods and this is what brought to life her restaurant “Wild” that has gluten free and farm to table pizza. Studies show that 66 percent of people are obese or overweight and 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese! Since opening her restaurant Miki has written a book called “Do Cool Sh*t”, started a panty line for periods, started a panty line for bladder leaks and invented an attachment for your toilet to clean your bum better after use. Miki definitely gets sh*t done!

In this broadcast Miki Agrawal shares the following:

  • Her book “Do Cool Sh*t”
  • 5 day business boot camp
  • Her panty lines called “Thinx” and “Iconundies”  and how she became passionate about creating these lines 
  • “Tushy” the attachable bidet for your toilet!
  • The cost/savings benefits to her products
  • The give backs and environmental impact using her products
  • What keeps her going
  • The 3 questions she asks herself when starting a new business
  • Shortcuts and hacks to making business life easier


Jan 6, 2016

Welcome! Today’s featured broad is Leanne Ely, who has the answer to the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” Leanne has made it her mission to save dinner for families! In 2001, she launched Menu Mailer, a menu-planning subscription service that offers recipes, shopping lists, and nutritional information. She has been called “The Mother of Menu Planning.” If your idea of planning dinner is deciding on takeout, then we have great news for you!

My conversation with Leanne covers the following:

  • How Leanne drew security in her childhood from having “family dinner” at the table every night
  • How she started her catering business and noticed that families didn’t do dinner together anymore: “Is THIS the new norm?”
  • How Leanne’s story includes some very tough days, including being a divorced, single mom, homeschooling her kids and running her business
  • How the course of her life changed when she won a recipe contest in 1996 and then wrote her first book, which she sold out of the trunk of her car
  • Leanne thought, “I could do this for a living!” She has gone on to write over ten books now.
  • Leanne’s advice to others includes: be original, seek out expertise early, and hire people to help you ASAP—especially in customer service!
  • Leanne’s business is truly a family affair, with three generations: her mom, herself, and her daughter!
  • Menu Mailer includes a 7-day free trial that anyone can use, accessing their database to create a customized plan.
  •   Leanne shares her personal favorite recipe—and a phenomenal customer favorite: Garlic Lime Chicken!
  • Leanne’s mission plays perfectly into her partnership with Vanity Fair napkins, called “Take Back the Table.” Leanne says, “The table is where hearts are connected and tummies are fed.”
  • Leanne plans to hire some new people, stop doing too much, and continuing her “family first” mantra for her employees and business.
  • Leanne is most proud of the fact that she has never quit, the way her business has evolved, and the hard work, dedication, and loyalty of her team.
  • Leanne is a big fan of coaching, and recommends it to any new business owner.
  • Sign up for your free 7-day trial and Find Leanne at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.