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May 25, 2016

Laura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, a social media automation tool designed to prevent social media content from going to waste by recycling  the content stored in its library according to some parameters that you set up.  Since 2009, Laura’s been teaching entrepreneurs how to harness the power of social media marketing and create their own fame.  She was named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 35 in 2011, 2013 and 2014 and spoke at numerous industry conferences  BlogWorld, The South by Southwest Interactive Conference, Real Estate Connect, The Social Communications Summit and Blogher. She has also spoken at the White House about the value of entrepreneurship.



  • She learned about aspects of business while working for an agency as a graphic designer. She learned about marketing, client relations, and branding.  
  • She quit that job and started working for herself at the age of 22.   
  • She founded Edgar in 2014 and it’s the only company that  she’s  actively running now.
  • She first started just doing websites and design work for local businesses. 
  • People kept telling her to teach about social media.  People paid for that. 

So she went into social media training as she realized training was way easier than making websites. 

  • She previously did productized consulting or information products.   
  • She realized that the best time to become an entrepreneur is while you’re young and you have no obligations because if you don’t succeed, you can just easily look for a job.
  • She realized that very few people see what you post so it’s sensible to re-use the same content. 
  • Before Edgar, they were manually preparing spreadsheets full of  content and were manually copy-pasting content. The manual system had a lot of limitations. 
  • Edgar was built to be software to do automatically what they used to do manually.
  • They chose the name Edgar because it was easy to pronounce and remember and it was a well-loved name of an elderly family member.  
  • Edgar just took off so quickly that it quickly surpassed their training business.  It was different than other tools where you have to keep refilling your queue. It’s a massive time saver. 
  • Laura’s company now employs 18 people from Canada and USA. 
  • By  working from home, they are not just limited to one geographic area when they hire people. 
  • MeetEdgar costs only $49 a month for 10 social media accounts.





May 18, 2016

Meet Mother and daughter Matchmaking duo: Janis and Carly Spindel who run a successful business called Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking. Janis is just 4 couples shy of having 2000 couples she introduced get married! ! Carly is on number 85, almost 86, couples married! If you are looking for “the one” check out Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking!

Janis and Carly share with us: 

  • Janis’s background was in fashion
  • Janis just needs 3 minutes to talk with someone!
  • Carly got into the business because she has been around it her whole life and had a knack for matchmaking
  • Men are clients and women are members
  • Lowest to highest prices range from $6000 to $1000000
  • More work is more expense
  • “The 4 B’s”
  • Carly’s biggest highlight is one of the couples she married had a child
  • Diamonds and proposal planning is secret passion of Carly’s
  • They do not take women as clients
  • They will start having their own lectures
  • Make sure when you are spending time together with your significant other, it's quality time

Contact the Spindels:

May 11, 2016

This show is for all the Broads with a Bump! Today’s Broad built a business called Bump Boxes that is quickly becoming a hit with new mothers everywhere! Christine Deehring created Bump Boxes  to take the guesswork out of choosing the best pregnancy products for you and your bump. Their team of experts has researched, vetted and approved every product included in these boxes. She’s conveniently bundled safe essentials to use throughout your pregnancy. Not only are they clean and safe products, they have been personally used, recommended and loved by real mothers.



Listen to the episode to hear Christine share:




  • What inspired Bump Boxes
  • How Christine made her idea a reality
  • How she launched a business while working a day job
  • Why she chose her husband as a Co-Founder
  • Why she used a business canvas rather than a business plan
  • How she had to pivot in her business and why she recommends “staying fluid”
  • Why she was the perfect avatar for her business
  • How she started her business in her dining room 
  • How she has grown her business and expanded the age range of her products
  • Why growth involving getting a warehouse is actually scary
  • What she knows now that would have caused her to do things differently
  • Why it’s important to get on your marketing game early
  • How non-stop “Power Poses” have become her mainstay
  • The role coaching and mentoring have played in her success



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May 4, 2016

Want to work 20 to 25 hours a week and still make the big bucks? Today’s broad is Susie Romans who is an online business strategist who does just that! Of course, her hours were not always that good. You have to work hard to get to that point. Susie uses her skills in marketing and building businesses to help other women and small business get ahead and make that money so that they can work 20 to 25 hours a week!

Susie shares with us:

  • Always move forward
  • Her highlight moment in her career
  • Be open to the flow…
  • Write about something that attaches to an emotion
  • Pay attention to how you write and say things
  • Make sure you stay up to date
  • Invest in people who have different knowledge than yourself

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