BroadCast: Broads Building Businesses is the go-to podcast for and about women entrepreneurs. Join Chief Broad Jenny Powers each week as she interviews today's most successful women business owners. Get entertained, educated and empowered while learning how these women grow their business beyond their wildest dreams . We cover topics that relate to women in business, such as networking, being an entrepreneur, womens business, start ups, and empowerment. Don't miss a single episode.
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Jul 27, 2016

Today’s guest started her career very much the same way that many of us did. Dying a slow death in a soul-sucking cubicle job, with no hope for the future. But all that changed through a series of unbelievable circumstances. Caitlin Pyle is today’s guest with this amazing story. She’s managed to build a million dollar business online in a very short amount of time. We’re lucky enough to have her share her secret to success with us today!



In this episode Caitlin also discusses:


  • Learn how Caitlin left her job and started her business
  • Why her mistakes actually helped her
  • How she went from no online marketing experience to earning more than she imagined online
  • How her husband got involved in the business
  • Why having a supportive spouse is golden
  • Did she or didn’t she? It’s about the business plan
  • How you can start earning money online too
  • Do you Scope? Listen to find out how you can
  • How Caitlyn can help you escape cubicle captivity




Connect with Caitlin:







Jul 20, 2016

Welcome Broads! Today’s broad is going to help you make sense out of SEO, RSS and every other acronym related to your online business! Donna Cravotta is the CEO of Social Sage PR and the creator of the Total Social Sage PR System™, the innovative one-of-a-kind program combining SEO, Social Media and PR strategies (aka Social PR). Her system was designed to help small businesses build big strategies into the foundation of their businesses.


Donna believes your social media is your brand and you should be able to do it yourself!


Listen as we also discuss:



  • Why you should hold on to the strategy for your social media
  • What part of your social media can be outsourced
  • How you need to use social media as a research tool
  • How large of a following you need to create a viable business
  • Are you listening on Twitter? You should be!
  • Why you should listen just as much as you talk on social media
  • How to make sure your following is organic and targeted




Donna hosts 2 workshops in August:


1. How to Build a Business Intelligence Dashboard - New York City - 8/3


2. How to Get Media Opportunities for Your Business without Breaking the Bank - New York City - 8/17


Find out more about these workshops at


You can connect with Donna at:


Jul 13, 2016

Today we are going to meet a serial entrepreneur who built not one but two consumer companies from the ground up! You may not know her name right away you certainly know her mark. Joan Barnes is the founder of Gymboree, an international franchise of play programs and company-owned retail stores. We will talk about the other company during our interview which you will certainly know!

Show Notes:

  • How old was Joan when she founded Gymboree?
  • When did Gymboree become Gymboree?
  • What changes did she see in herself in treatment?
  • Would there be anything she would change if she did it all over again?
  • How did she get involved with Yoga Works?
  • When did the book come into play?


“Begin from Within”

“Play it Forward: From Gymboree to the Yoga Mat and Beyond”

Jul 6, 2016

Hello broads! I’m so excited for you all to be here today because this is my one-year podcasting anniversary! Whether today is your first time tuning in or you have been with me all year long: Welcome! Thank you for listening! Today’s episode is a special one because I am going to share with you my top ten lessons that I have learned interviewing today’s top women entrepreneurs. 

Show Notes:

Tip #1 Never give up!

  • Kathleen King with Tate’s Bake Shop- Listen to the drama of deceit!
  • Sara Kaler – Her job was causing so much exhaustion and stress she started having seizures! 

Tip # 2 Be Scrappy!

  • Kimra Luna- Welfare to Millionaire in one year!

Tip #3 Don’t be afraid to disrupt an industry

  • Miki Agrawal- Serial Entrepreneur with tons of products and businesses (Thinx: the period panty)

Tip #4 Find a hole in the marketplace and fill it!

  • Basha Ruben the founder of Priori Legal
  • Bernadette Smith- the number one LGBT wedding planner!
  • Samantha Hess- A professional cuddler!
  • JoAnne Barken created The Batch – Sophisticated Bachelorette parties

Tip #5 You are never too old or too young

  • Susan O’Malley- In her 30’s decided to be a doctor!
  • Lyla Black created Lyla Tav Monsters- Not even a teenager yet and her stuffed animals are selling like crazy!

Tip #6 Have a word of the year

  • Rachel Haufsteder- Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!

Tip #7 Give back!

  • Angela Gia Kim- Give! Give! Get!
  • Rachel Goldstein- Talks about the importance of volunteering
  • Miki Agrawal- Thinx panties! The money goes to a third world country

Tip #8 Create something that you want to use

  • Jenny Powers- That’s me! With my program Running-with-Heels!
  • Jen Menchaca: member of Nation LTD- She created a comfy white shirt just like her dad’s
  • Jen Groover- Single mom who made the first compartmentalized handbag! (Butler Bag)
  • Heather Thompson- You can find her product Yummie everywhere!

Tip #9 Surround yourself with people who are positive and there to support you

  • Nikita Chopra- Her love entourage
  • Jen Scalia- Surround yourself with other badasses!

Tip #10 Take care of yourself!

  • Michelle Goldblum and Ali Leipzig- Soul Camp
  • Gala Darling- Peace through tapping