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Oct 26, 2016

This week brings to us an inspiration in the form of Craft Street Design owner Pratima Aravabhoomi. She was once was an Apple consultant. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Design from Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Prior to 2007, she was in a bad, pre-arranged marriage and was depressed and on the verge of being an alcoholic when an inspirational quote on the wall suddenly jolted her mind to normalcy.  Listen to her talk about her story of success and motivation.


Pratima Aravabhoomi


Show Notes:


  • What the quote “the darkest hour is before dawn” means to her
  • Where she gets her design inspiration
  • Her business prior to Craft Street Design
  • She never thought people would buy her quotes
  • She studied calligraphy and typography for her business
  • The hours she spend on each design
  • She makes the words as the most important thing on each wall poster
  • She designs everything “around” the quote
  • Her bestselling quotes depend on the season
  • Quotes are seasonal
  • Her quotes make perfect personal and corporate gifts
  • Her marketing strategy
  • Her advice for new entrepreneurs
  • Her advice for immigrant entrepreneurs
  • She works from her home and in coffee shops
  • It’s incredible to earn money regardless of where you work
  • Her whole business is based on inspiration
  • Her favorite quote is: What is the best that can happen?
  • The effect of this favorite quote on her
  • The plans for 2017


 The Resources





Oct 19, 2016

Broads, have I got a treat for you today! The confident, powerful and inspiring Precious Williams is on the show today. She’s amazing - just listen to the interview to find out. She doesn’t just show up, she comes to slay! Precious has lots of things going on business wise and she is here to lend you a little bit of confidence so you can go out and slay your business!


Here’s a little bit about Precious Williams:


Precious L. Williams, Esq., is an unstoppable full figured diva on a mission:  to celebrate the beauty of curvy women in all that she does.

As an African American woman who was once a size 28, Precious was often not able to find sexy and stylish lingerie that fit her curves.  Although she had a red-hot romance with a well-known actor, Precious knew, from experience, that society and big box stores often ignored or dismissed women with a little bit more meat on their bones.

Frustrated, but far from intimidated with her limited lingerie options, Precious decided to createCurvy Girlz Lingerie, a dynamic intimate apparel brand that caters to her fellow plus size fashionistas.  Her goal is to make Curvy Girlz Lingerie, LLC the #1 lingerie destination for curvy women.

Precious, Curvy Girlz Lingerie, LLC’s visionary Founder and CEO, is also a successful New York based attorney, teacher, mentor and motivational speaker.   She is a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Spelman College and Rutgers School of Law-Newark.

A gifted orator and an extraordinary serial entrepreneur, Precious has been selected as the keynote speaker at a number of conferences, entrepreneurial and women centered summits, fundraisers and corporate training events.



Oct 17, 2016

Welcome Broads! Today’s guest is Makenna Johnston! Makenna is a self-proclaimed unicorn wrangler. She’s first and foremost a creative human and entrepreneur. She is a life, creativity, and business coach & consultant with over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, service based businesses, coaches, organizations, artists, and writers to create deep, soul song alignment and strategy to bring home the bacon. 


Makenna has done so many unique things through the course of her career. She’s worked in non-profits and has an entrepreneur's heart: she’s practical but visionary! Listen to this episode to find out why she lives in France part of the year and find our her connection the one and only Julia Childs!


Listen to this episode as Makenna also reveals:


  • The terrible news she received as a 16-year-old
  • How her trip to Cambodia got cut short
  • Why her bucket list is done. Completed at 26!
  • Ways she keeps adding to her bucket list to make it a living, breathing document
  • How she manifested her partner and ended up marrying her
  • How she became an internet star!
  • Why she’s cooking in Julia Childs’ kitchen even though she never went to culinary school
  • The aspect of her coaching practice that she isn’t afraid to toot her own horn about!
  • Why Makenna is constantly training and learning new things
  • What 3 things are the core of her vision umbrella
  • Makenna’s response to people who want to “pick her brain”
  • The sources for her inspiration
  • Why you have to be that thing you want
  • You gotta hear about the “Bliss Bus!”
  • Why her business is running out of steam on the internet, in lieu of personal connections
  • Why a rising tide may not lift all boats
  • Hear about her Practical Magic event in San Antonio




Connect with Makenna: - Join her Facebook Group!





Oct 7, 2016

At first, Christine had been mulling on setting up her own business but was afraid to leave her day job for fear of losing her income. Yet she kept thinking about doing what she was passionate about. She even prayed to get laid off just to have a reason to leave.  She was not laid off. Something made her finally resign from her job. After she did, she asked herself:  Why didn’t I do it sooner?

The deep grief of losing her daughter was, later on, transformed into positive creativity.  She moved forward with a passionate determination to keep pursuing her dreams.  Today Christine owns several businesses and helps other businesses get to the top and entrepreneurs to grow and evolve toward what they want to become. She continues her “focused strategies” on supporting, inspiring, and motivating women to achieve their own dreams.

Show notes

  • What inspired her to launch the business?
  • Did she launch it with a Business Plan?
  • What is her reason for not having one?
  • What she considers her true calling
  • Why she did not feel fulfilled at her previous corporate job
  • Why she hired a mentor
  • Why she calls herself a Focused Strategist, rather than a Coach
  • The 2 things that set her up for success were: 1) Focus, and 2) Confidence
  • What she teaches people to build their confidence
  • She had observed that the most capable people are the least confident
  • What to do to build confidence
  • What keeps her going when the going gets tough 
  • How she survived the worst loss in her life and get refocused on her dreams
  • Her favorite, inspirational song by Punch Brothers
  • Preparing a Regular Resume and a comprehensive Confidence Resume is a powerful tool
  • What to include in the Confidence Resume
  • The highlights in her career
  • Journaling as a way to document and review her ideas and thoughts, to create content, gratitude list, as an emotional outlet, and as blueprint sketch pad for her business ideas
  • Her big event in November 2016
  • Her avatar. If you meet the description, go ahead and send her a request for an invite or add her as a friend on Facebook.


Facebook:  Life with Passion Society  (ask for an invite)

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