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Feb 10, 2016

“Great teams are not built on similarities.” Sally Hogshead, a world class branding expert and international best-selling author created a test assessment that is based on branding rather than psychology. This test is not about how you see the world but how the world sees you at your best. Sally believes the world needs more you! Women who take this test are more confident in how to communicate with people because they know what they bring to the table.

Sally graduated from Duke University and then went into advertising. After working with world class brands she moved on to personal branding. In her research she has discovered that when people are fascinated with something then they are captivated by a product. So why not apply this to people and help them find what their captivating values are?

Sally will share in this broadcast:

  • What is fascination?
  • How her assessment works?
  • Great teams are not built on similarities
  • Difference between traditional testing and her test
  • When women are demoralized they leave their jobs!
  • Every time you communicate you are adding value or taking up space
  • Her book “Fascinate”
  • The starting of her book club!
  • Her book launch on April 26th
  • Other sources in her toolbox
  • One-hour personal brand
  • Creating codes for people to share
  • About her awesome business card!
  • Women want to be fascinating and men want to be fascinated


Jan 27, 2016

Who says you have to have your life figured out right out of high school? Not this “tough cookie.” In this broadcast Dr. O’Malley takes us through her incredible life journey to success and how you can do it too. She went from college dropout, secretary, getting rejected by every medical school in the country, single mother, to starting her own business at 50--Sonas Medical Spa in Madison, Connecticut. This broad really shows that you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you keep looking forward.

In this episode, Dr. Susan O’Malley shares the following:

  • You’re never too old!
  • Don’t look down, look forward
  • How to turn “ M’s to W’s”
  • The turning point when she decided to start her own business at 50
  • What is a medical spa?
  • The key to a successful business
  • Tools for your “toolbox” on
  • Her next big project (s) coming soon


Tough Cookie don’t Crumble                                                                                                        (email)

Jan 20, 2016

Welcome! Today’s broad is on a mission to inspire radical self-love. Nitika Chopra had to go through an immense amount of physical and emotional pain for this level of self-love to come forth. Today she is a certified life coach, a wellness entrepreneur, a beauty and lifestyle expert, and a go-to resource for young women around the globe. Let’s jump right in with Nitika!

Nitika covers the following in our conversation:

  • Nitika was diagnosed at age 10 with head-to-toe psoriasis and endured thick, white, itchy, scaly skin for 16 years!
  • Her condition worsened to psoriatic arthritis with severe pain, and a divorce soon followed.
  • Nitika thought, “Why do I look so different from everyone else?”
  • “I’ve always been more committed to my happiness more than to my suffering.”
  • Nitika started Bella Life magazine in 2010 as the best platform to share with the world the things she is passionate about.
  • Bella Life led her to having a talk show for awhile, and then transition to her website.
  • Nitika shares an inspiring story of how she first became a spokesperson on QVC for luxury skin care products.
  • Vision boards have played a huge role in Nikita’s life; she finds creating them to be a powerful practice that brings clarity to her life.
  • Several things from her vision board have come true, like having a talk show, having conversations with various magazines, and abundance in general in her life.
  • As a certified life coach, Nitika focuses more on coaching through blogs and Instagram posts instead of one-on-one coaching.
  • Nitika plans to start focusing more on effective email lists in her business.
  • She plans to continue to share from the most vulnerable, authentic place that she can.
  • When the going gets tough, Nitika focuses on her “Love Entourage,” which is the community of people that she can call on and always rely on.
  • “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Nitika lives by this mantra each day.
  • Nitika shares the items in her “Self-Love Toolkit.”
  • Nitika advises having a consistent, daily routine that makes you feel connected.
  • Nitika’s “Next Big Thing” is The Self-Love Celebration in NYC on Feb. 9. It’s a big event showcasing people and their brands. Visit her website for more info!


Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @nitikachopra.

Jan 6, 2016

Welcome! Today’s featured broad is Leanne Ely, who has the answer to the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” Leanne has made it her mission to save dinner for families! In 2001, she launched Menu Mailer, a menu-planning subscription service that offers recipes, shopping lists, and nutritional information. She has been called “The Mother of Menu Planning.” If your idea of planning dinner is deciding on takeout, then we have great news for you!

My conversation with Leanne covers the following:

  • How Leanne drew security in her childhood from having “family dinner” at the table every night
  • How she started her catering business and noticed that families didn’t do dinner together anymore: “Is THIS the new norm?”
  • How Leanne’s story includes some very tough days, including being a divorced, single mom, homeschooling her kids and running her business
  • How the course of her life changed when she won a recipe contest in 1996 and then wrote her first book, which she sold out of the trunk of her car
  • Leanne thought, “I could do this for a living!” She has gone on to write over ten books now.
  • Leanne’s advice to others includes: be original, seek out expertise early, and hire people to help you ASAP—especially in customer service!
  • Leanne’s business is truly a family affair, with three generations: her mom, herself, and her daughter!
  • Menu Mailer includes a 7-day free trial that anyone can use, accessing their database to create a customized plan.
  •   Leanne shares her personal favorite recipe—and a phenomenal customer favorite: Garlic Lime Chicken!
  • Leanne’s mission plays perfectly into her partnership with Vanity Fair napkins, called “Take Back the Table.” Leanne says, “The table is where hearts are connected and tummies are fed.”
  • Leanne plans to hire some new people, stop doing too much, and continuing her “family first” mantra for her employees and business.
  • Leanne is most proud of the fact that she has never quit, the way her business has evolved, and the hard work, dedication, and loyalty of her team.
  • Leanne is a big fan of coaching, and recommends it to any new business owner.
  • Sign up for your free 7-day trial and Find Leanne at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
Dec 16, 2015

Welcome! Today’s broad is Rachel Hofstetter, who is a food editor at O magazine, a writer, and an entrepreneur. Her favorite part of being a food editor was talking to up-and-coming food entrepreneurs, which led her to write a bestselling book about the world of food startups. She co-founded Guesterly, which is a software platform that allows anyone to create a custom directory for events and groups. She also helped develop PR School. Her life revolves around food, events, and PR. Join us for more from this exciting broad!

Rachel shares the following about her journey:

  • Her inspiration came three years ago when her chosen word for the year was “open.” It reminded her to be open to all that was “out there.”
  • One Lesson Learned: If someone wants to buy something that you do for fun, then you should probably pay attention!
  • She and her husband made a guest booklet at their wedding, and people started asking for them. “Guesterly” was born!
  • Guesterly started as a custom design firm and grew into a software company. It focuses on pre-event planning and is basically a cheat sheet for events. It helps accelerate and enhance real relationships.
  • Rachel became good at PR on an almost zero budget, so she began helping people learn to do it themselves.
  • Rachel’s word for 2015 is HUSTLE, and it embodies her entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Rachel discusses her favorite parts of being a food editor, and how interviewing guests for O magazine led to her writing her book, Cooking Up A Business.
  • Rachel explains the concept of “chiseling,” where you start with one thing and chisel down to another.
  • Her rules for eating as a food editor? “Try anything, but if it’s not great, then don’t keep eating it.  Eat only the best, the really amazing food.”
  • Her PR School teaches the “Give, Give, Get” mindset. Give good story, give like it’s a friend, and get coverage. Listen in to hear Rachel explain.
  • Rachel shares what she will stop, start, and continue doing, and what she’s most proud of accomplishing in 2015.
  • Her favorite items in her “toolbox” for productivity?  Daily Action Planner, Inbox Zero, and HIT exercise. 


Cooking Up A Business by Rachel Hofstetter


Dec 9, 2015

Welcome! Today I’m talking to a cuddly broad from Portland, Oregon, who is the owner of Cuddle Up To Me, a professional cuddling service. She is Samantha Hess and has become an expert on the subject of cuddling. In the past two years, Samantha has done over 300 interviews, written a book, opened a 3500 sq. ft. retail space, and hired her first three employees. She recently designed and ran the world’s first cuddling convention and directs the only hands-on certification program to standardize and legitimize the profession. Let’s cuddle up to Samantha and learn more about her interesting profession!

Here’s what Samantha has to say about her journey as a professional cuddler:

  • She married her high school sweetheart and then became single again at age 28. “I would pay someone for a good hug,” she thought.
  • Her first steps to making her dream a reality were to purchase a web domain and create a website. She hired a lawyer and then passed out business cards and flyers. Within one month, she was featured in a magazine article.
  • Samantha views her business as a therapy and not something sexual or romantic. “We all go through moments in life when we feel unloved, unappreciated, and invisible; we have to have somewhere to go.”
  • There is sneakiness between the very few competitors in the snuggling business! Samantha explains!
  • Samantha says if she had to do something differently, she would have gone more with her gut instinct and intuition rather than listen to business experts.
  • Samantha shares her personal story of growing up in an abusive household with a drug and alcohol-addicted parent. She freely gave affection but then married someone who felt the opposite. Listen to her story!
  • In addition to Samantha’s family issues, she went through a time of obesity, then lost significant weight, obtained her degree in fitness, and then became a personal trainer.
  • She has also been in eight car accidents and suffers from chronic back pain.
  • When she posted job openings for employees for her new retail location, she received over 6000 applications! She narrowed the list to 30 people whom she interviewed. It was a tedious process to make sure she hired the right people.
  • Her certification program costs less than $1000 and reveals her secrets and techniques. It teaches anyone how they can open and operate their own cuddling business.
  • Samantha’s career highlight is her work with a special ALS-diagnosed client who has become a regular. She knows she makes a positive difference in Adam’s life.
  • Samantha also shares what keeps her going each day, her favorite business hack, and what she has on her professional bucket list before 2016 rolls around.
  • Samantha says, “I’m not in this to make a billion dollars. I don’t care about the money. I care about changing peoples’ lives and making a difference for someone.”


Dec 2, 2015

Welcome!Today’s featured broad is Shiva Kashalkar, who took the monthly subscription model (like Netflix) and launched a service that rents educational and safe children’s toys. She is the founder and CEO of Green Pinata Toy Share. Listen in for more of Shiva’s story!  

Shiva shares the following about her journey:

  • Shiva was inspired to launch her company after noticing how bored her 8-month old daughter became with new toys after a short time. She thought, “There HAS to be a better way!”
  • Last March, the idea of a toy subscription service consumed her, and she launched the very next month! She didn’t use a business plan but had lots of experience in the business world.
  • She tried to understand her target market and be “out there” talking with potential customers. She started small, with the realization that success would be an ongoing process.
  • Green Pinata’s most popular plan is $24.99/monthly, and toys are exchanged every six weeks. Every box has 4-5 toys valued at around $100. The toys are high-quality, engaging and educational toys. 
  • Shiva’s company takes the guesswork out of finding appropriate toys and makes a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, baby showers, etc.
  • Shiva is concerned about the harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of many toys. She tells you why you should throw out those rubber ducks in the bathtub!
  • Green Pinata Toys maintains strict guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing toys between uses.
  • Shiva realizes that she spent marketing dollars in the wrong places in the beginning, and has learned lessons the hard way!
  • When the going gets tough for Shiva, she remembers why she started her business in the first place, and talks to her mom for extra support and encouragement.
  • Shiva isn’t looking for “the next big thing,” but is focusing on the small things that contribute to her success.


The discount coupon code for $10 OFF of first month is GP89928, and this is the registration link The coupon code expires January 31, 2016.

Find Green Pinata Toys on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too!

Shiva has a special discount offer for Broadcast listeners!

Sep 30, 2015

Welcome!  Today I’m here with a Mother/daughter Broad Duo - Erin and Lyla of Lyla Tov Monsters.  The company started when a 3 year old Lyla wanted to bring her drawing of a monster to life and give to her Father as a present.  Years later, Lyla Tov Monsters help children sleep better at night, and the company just keeps growing.


Erin Black is an Emmy award winning costume designer, so she had the skills to make Lyla’s monster come to life.  They never intended to start a toy company, but once they got addicted to bringing the monsters to life. 


In this episodes you will learn:


  • The humble beginnings of Lyla Tov Monsters
  • What the name Lyla Tov means and where it came from
  • How a classroom project launched their website
  • The tipping point for moving the company from the kitchen table to real production
  • How they ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign
  • Their proof of concept and how that changed their plans
  • How Lyla names the monsters and gets engagement from their customers in the process
  • What keeps Lyla and Erin moving forward in their business
  • How the monsters keep tigers out of the bathroom!
  • What they will continue doing to grow their business



Get in Touch with Lyla Tov:

Jul 29, 2015

Welcome!  My guests today are two broads who have developed a unique and intriguing idea.  They are Michelle Goldblum and Ali Leipzig, the founders and creators of Soul Camp, which is a multi-day, multi-night, all-inclusive, wellness sleep away camp for adults!  Most of us probably have memories of camp as we grew up; some of those memories are great, and (let’s face it) some are not so great.  Michelle and Ali have created the perfect “camp of your dreams.”

Last year was the first year for Soul Camp, and they have expanded to both the east and west coast for 2015.  This year’s camps are at Camp Towanda in the Poconos, and  Wonder Valley, CA.  Visit their website for more information.  

Do you want to know more about this innovative idea?  Here is what the broads share with us about Soul Camp:

  • The story of how Michelle and Ali met and connected through a series of crossed paths will show that this endeavor was simply MEANT TO BE!
  • It’s a camp for your soul (hence, the name)—for connecting to who you really are.
  • All labels from your adult life fall away at Soul Camp, and you get to be that “kid at camp” again.
  • It was the camp director from Camp Towanda who suggested that the ladies bring a retreat-like camp to his facility.
  • They thought, “This could be so much fun!  Why not bring our favorite instructors to our favorite place on earth!”
  • They reached out to yoga instructors, meditation and energy workers, thought leaders, fitness instructors, and wellness leaders.  They all said YES to camp!
  • The ladies secured company sponsors, especially those with the word “soul” in their names or products.
  • The first camp (2014) had about 200 campers (both men and women), and they expect more this year on both coasts.
  • Their plan is to expand, possibly abroad, for next year.  Ultimately, they hope to have Soul Camps all over the US!
  • Soul Camp is like regular camp, except the activities center around mind, body, spirit-based activities, workshops, and classes.  The activities are optional, and the focus is on community and connection among the campers.

The ladies wrap up by sharing their favorite parts of Soul Camp AND the camp cheer!  Don’t miss my exciting conversation with Michelle and Ali!  Their enthusiasm for Soul Camp is contagious!  Let’s pack our bags and head to camp! As a special bonus exclusively for our listeners enter "BROADSOUL" when registering for camp for 20% off your experience. 


Links:       (website)


**Use the code BROADSOUL for a 20% discount for our listeners!

Jul 22, 2015

Welcome!  Today’s featured broad is Melanie Notkin from Savvy Auntie.  Melanie has tapped into the emerging demographic of childless, up and coming, single women in North America.  Melanie is a national bestselling author of Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women Who Love Kids and Otherhood, which was inspired by her life in NYC.  She even established Auntie’s Day, the first holiday to honor aunts, which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July; this year’s holiday is THIS SUNDAY, July 26.

The inspiration for Savvy Auntie came in 2007, when Melanie lived a busy lifestyle as a business executive.  The most important people in her life were her niece and nephew, but she felt disconnected.  She realized that there women everywhere in their 30’s and 40’s who were single, childless, and important in the lives of children.  Melanie coined the term “PANK” to denote this influential demographic:  Professional Aunt/No Kids.  Statistics show that there are 23 million PANK’s in North America, with an average age of 36.

“We’re not their Mom; we’re not their friend.  We’re the Aunt, the perfect blend.”

My conversation with Melanie covers the following topics:

  • Melanie invested her life savings to create Savvy Auntie, and barely escaped the stock market crash of 2008 in doing so!
  • Melanie took specific steps to launch her business and grow to become a multimedia company.
  • Melanie wishes she had started sooner!
  • Melanie’s advice is to move forward and keep going, even when difficulties come.  Even mistakes can be steps forward.
  • Melanie meditates each day to quiet her mind.

Melanie also shares what the favorite toys will be for this holiday season and talks about what inspires her and helps her to unwind.  At the end of 2015, she wants to look back and know she continued to present a strong message and brand with Savvy Auntie.  Join me to hear more from amazing Melanie!

Links and Resources:    ( Melanie’s website)


Reach her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at Savvy Auntie.

Jul 15, 2015

Welcome to another episode!  Our broad today is Judy Goss, who is a TV personality, radio show host, publisher, and entrepreneur.  Judy began her career in modeling but has worked as a casting director, art buyer, agent, producer, and editor.  She has worked for More magazine and served as the editor of Cosmopolitan.  She currently hosts “What Women Want,” a weekly radio show on LA Talk Radio with 30,000 listeners monthly. She makes regular appearances on Fox NY, WABC, and NBC Connecticut.  As you can see, her background is extensive in various areas, and she is busy with many endeavors!

Judy shares the following about her experiences:

  • She tells how her business developed from an idea to a dream to reality!
  • She shares her vision for the future of “Over 40 Females.”
  • She talks about the success of the radio show she produces, directs, and hosts.
  • She gives helpful advice about securing investors for your business.
  • She talks about her business plans for the second half of 2015, along with what might be THE NEXT BIG THING!
  • She reveals the inspiring book and magazine that should be part of any entrepreneur’s toolbox.

Judy’s advice when the going gets tough?  “Keep taking a step forward, NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON!”  Join us for more of the exciting conversation with Judy!

Resources:    (website)  (Judy’s online and live networking community)  (find archived episodes of “What Women Want”)



Jul 8, 2015

Today’s Broad is Sandra Gault, the Founder and CEO of True Gault in NYC.  Sandra is breaking the mold and reshaping the way women think about high heels----one shoe at a time.  Sandra’s company uses 3D measuring technology and a patented fit formula to capture the biomechanics of feet to create customized high heels.  

In this episode, Sandra discusses the following about her revolutionary business:

  • How Sandra, “a geek in high heels,” became frustrated with having to compromise fit or fashion to wear the high heels she wanted.
  • How Sandra combined her loves of business, technology, and fashion to create her successful enterprise.
  • How Sandra worked to build her company from an idea and a blank sheet of paper.
  • How Sandra’s “butterfly moment” occurred at a party, and the idea was born for customized shoes that are comfortable to wear!
  • The steps Sandra took to build her business, including the value proposition, business plan, industry analysis, target market identification, and securing investors.  She explains how she did it, beginning with step ONE!
  • How you don’t have to have all the answers to get started with your business idea.  “The work will show you the way and give you the knowledge.”
  • How Sandra’s “Toolkit of Skills” helped her build her company and can help build ANY business!
  • How a horse race helped her realize that nothing can be taken for granted, and you have to acknowledge mistakes and be resourceful to be successful.
  • What’s next for True Gault?  The vision is BIG!


QuickBase from Intuit—(Sandra’s recommended cloud-based software for any business owner)

The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz

Key Performance Indicators by David Parmenter

Essential Principles for Fundraising Success by G. Douglass Alexander


Jul 1, 2015

Hi Broads!


Welcome to the show!  Today, we are talking to an intuitive Broad that discovered a hole in the marketplace for mid-priced legal advice, while a student at Yale Law School and she took action by starting her own business- Priori Legal.  


Basha Rubin, founder and CEO of Priori Legal takes us on her entrepreneurial journey.  Listen to the podcast to find out the following:


  • Why Basha didn’t know she was a start up
  • How she feels about the whole idea of writing a business plan, and what she wrote instead
  • Why she feels that she did way too much before she launched her product
  • How "Perfect can be the enemy of good"
  • Why legal advice on the web is so necessary in today’s business world, but also dangerous
  • What it takes to be a Prior Lawyer and why only 20% of their candidates are accepted
  • The benefits of using Prior Legal instead of finding a lawyer on your own
  • Stay tuned for details about the membership site





Priori Legal Website

Jun 23, 2015

Today's Broad is  Kathleen King the Founder of the world famous Tate’s Bake Shop.  Kathleen started selling cookies on a table at her family’s produce stand at the age of 11. Earlier in 2015, she sold her cookie business for an estimated $100 million.



In this episode we will explore:


  • Why Kathleen wasn’t afraid to open a bake shop in a location where 2 previous bake shops    had failed.
  • Why Kathleen never even worried with a business plan.
  • How Kathleen knew when it was time to expand her business
  • What Kathleen would do differently if she was starting her business over today
  • Kathleen’s biggest business accomplishment in her career
  • How Kathleen bounced back from losing her business and had a pile of debt to start her new business



Kathleen’s best business resources are about mindset, rather than technology.



You can find Kathleen’s cookies at retail outlets all over the country.  You can order her products at Tate’s Bake Shop website.

Jun 23, 2015

Meet today's Broad eco-preneur Angela Jia Kim that created her own eco-friendly skin care line of lotions and potions!  Angela began her career as a concert pianist and changed direction after a having a skin emergency during a concert.  Since then, Angela has been focused on building her business, and also creating opportunities for other women entrepreneurs to connect and support business.


In this episode, we will explore:


  • What caused Angela to look within herself to find a solution for her skin condition
  • How Angela turned her hobby into a booming business
  • Why Angela calls herself an accidental entrepreneur
  • How Angela identified the perfect location for her business
  • Why Angela expanded her business and how she discovered the best place for it
  • How Angela manages to balance a working relationship with her husband
  • Why Angela launched without a business plan
  • Angela’s biggest business success to date!
  • Why Angela embraces Gorgeous Chaos!
  • What is on Angela’s 2015 bucket list


Angela  also reveals the secret to business success in “Give, Give, Get”!



Angela has an incredible online course called PR School.  


Angela’s favorite resources:

  • Podcasts
  • Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before
  • Seth Godin’s blog
  • Pinteresting with her team
  • Rock the World, her annual women's conference in NY slated for October 2015



You can find Angela at Savor the Success!

Jun 23, 2015

Hello and welcome to BroadCast, the Podcast for and about Broads Building Businesses. 


I'm your Chief Broad, Jenny Powers and each week I will introduce you to an inspiring broad that will share her story and offer practical hands on tips. 


Tired of the Old Boys Club, we are the New Girls Club ready to celebrate our collective wins, big and small. 


In this episode, you will find out:


  • Why most networking events suck!
  • Why everyone, including me is fed up with boring and unproductive networking events
  • How I started my own powerful women’s networking group - that doesn’t suck, by the way!
  • The out of the box way I raised funds to start my business
  • Why Running With Heels has changed networking….forever!


If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, rate and review this podcast!